Literally just tried to call this ass for GTA, but apparently none of the boys at Barstool Sports can keep a Kim Kardashian ass shot from the blog for two hours. And I can’t blame them — look at this ass. Hate all you want, say what you want, live in denial all you want — THAT’S A GREAT ASS! Look at that ass! Tits look good, too! Am I crazy here?

No, I’m not crazy. The world is crazy. America loves to choose stars to pick on and Kim is deservingly that star. But only deserving because she’s a chick who became famous for whoring herself to celebrities, NOT because her ass doesn’t look awesome. Hate her show, voice, opinion, husband, money, family — fine. But don’t hate that ass. Because then you’re only clowning yourself. Tell me a bitch who can get pregnant, get fat, then make a body comeback like this one as fast as she did. This is a Mike Vick suddenly being in the MVP running in 2010 type comeback. This is the American dream.