I would be remiss if I went the whole day without posting one of the greatest press conference’s in the history of sports. As long as ESPN exists, this clip shall live on. And I’m glad it will, because Iverson was 200% correct. How the hell was he supposed to make his teammates better by practicing? You’re laughing, but look at his teammates:

SCRUB CITY. How Allen Iverson and Larry Brown managed to turn this roster into the Eastern Conference champs is absolutely unbelievable. Iverson won MVP, LB was Coach of the Year, Mutombo was Defensive POY, Aaron McKie was 6th man of the year, and the team STILL lacked talent compared to a lot of other squads. You’re telling me it was fair to put these dudes against Kobe/Shaq/Derek Fisher/Rick Fox/Robert Horry? THAT’S why that game 1 win and image of AI stepping over Tyron Lue was such a big deal here. Iverson carried the team on his back, doe.

Of all the shit I talk and jokes I make, Iverson is still one of my favorite athletes ever. Went hard every game and left it all out on the floor every night. You know, except for in practice.