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[] 8 College Degrees with the Worst Return on Investment

8. Sociology
Social Worker
Median Salary: $47,121

Corrections Officer
Median Salary: $39,630

Chemical Dependency Councilor
Median Salary: $47,210

7. Fine Arts
Museum Research Worker
Median Salary: $48,401

Graphic Designer
Median Salary: $47,753

Median Salary: $37,819

6. Education
Daycare Center Teacher
Median Salary: $27,910

Elementary School Teacher
Median Salary: $52,241

High School Teacher
Median Salary: $54,473

5. Religious Studies/Theology
Religious Educator
Median Salary: $47,957

Chaplain — Healthcare
Median Salary: $51,127

Associate Pastor
Median Salary: $61,811

4. Hospitality/Tourism
Meeting/Event Planner
Median Salary: $55,476

Hotel Resident Manager
Median Salary: $65,076

Catering Manager
Median Salary: $42,533

3. Nutrition
Median Salary: $53,679

Food Services Manager
Median Salary: $56,711

Food Scientist
Median Salary: $64,019

2. Psychology
Human Services Worker
Median Salary: $22,738

Career Counselor – Higher Education
Median Salary: $43,384

Bereavement Coordinator
Median Salary: $52,200

1. Communications
Median Salary: $52,549

News Reporter
Median Salary: $37,393

Marketing Coordinator
Median Salary: $50,455

Somehow I picked a worse major than psychology. How is that even possible? Painters get paid more than writers? Who paints!?

You know you made a bad life decision when the Reverend Lovejoy’s of the world are driving Benz’s and you’re looking up bus schedules. This is precisely the reason why I’ll tell my kids to never go to college. It’s a straight-up scam at this point. If somehow my kid’s kicking/long snapping career doesn’t pan out and he wants to fuck & party he can get an apartment off campus at the school of his choosing and bang out freshman chicks for five years while earning an online degree paid for by his Chinese IT company. Hell he can even go on spring break. But $50-100k+ on a Psychology degree? Or education? Or communications? That’s sucker debt. A plan to make you an indentured servant to the government. Can’t have the offspring making the same mistakes daddy made.

dear sallie mae