Reader Emails

I heard Krispy Kreme was on Tosh.blow tonight – that has to feel like a dagger in the back. Tosh sucks.

Made a huge sacrifice tonight and watched a whole half hour of Tosh.0 so that I could see Krispy Kreme appear on the show. He seemed semi retarded for lack of a better word, so I decided to do a little research to see what his deal is. Maybe you already know this, but its news to me, he’s actually a pretty dope rapper named Tyler Cassidy, allegedly. Don’t know what to think about all this. Shine some light for me.

p.s. Daniel Tosh is fucking awful

Tosh is stealing your crispy cream swag. Crispy is killing it in the interview tho.

So obviously everyone has been emailing and tweeting me all week about this episode of Tosh.0 featuring one of Barstool Philly’s staples — Krispy Kreme. Asking me if I’m pissed that he went on Tosh or if I think he’s a sellout. Let me say this first: Krispy Kreme aka Tyler Cassidy CANNOT sell out. Someone can only sell out once they’ve made it, and Krispy rapping with Daniel Tosh is NOT Krispy rapping with Maybach Music or Roc Nation. He doesn’t have any money yet. Secondly, it would be insane of me to pretend that I’m the person who discovered Krispy and Money Maker Mike. They were getting views before I ever put them on Barstool, And while I would have loved to do a song with Krispy to debut my own expert-level rapping abilities, not everything can be about maurice. Krispy Kreme has to do what’s right for Krispy Kreme. Can’t knock the hustle.

Besides, I just watched the Eagles beat the Giants by two points with EatDatPussy445 calling Eli Manning “nigga” at least a dozen times. I think I’ll be okay.

PS – Money Maker Mike is an Eagles fan in real life.