To me, this situation proves one of two things:

1 – Normals shouldn’t be allowed into wheelchair basketball games.
2 – Turkey shouldn’t be allowed to cheer for anything.

Nothing good has ever come from either of these things. First of all people with functional legs have no purpose attending a wheelchair basketball game. None. That’s THEIR thing. It’d be like a straight man going to a women’s basketball game. Doesn’t even make sense.

Secondly, try typing “Turkish fans” into Youtube and see what comes up. Nothing but riots and flares and violent assholes running through the streets. And it’s not like they even have any legitimate reason to behave this way — all they’ve got is minor league soccer and wheelchair basketball.

If Turkey spent half the time they spend on piling empty wheelchairs into a corner and lighting flares in soccer stadiums on something productive, maybe the rest of the world would know how to find their country on a map. Get it together, Turkey. Wherever you are.