philly.coThe Eagles have longer than the three days following the Super Bowl to decide if they want to keep Michael Vick without having to pay a guaranteed $3 million. The Eagles quarterback is due to receive that amount on Feb. 6, but the team is likely to buy time until the start of free agency on March 11 because of a provision in Vick’s contract. The Eagles would owe him the money only if no one else picked him up or if someone signed him for less than $3 million, according to an NFL source.

What you have here is all the proof you’ll ever need that journalists / media people don’t read anything except what’s reported by other journalists / media people. Hell, I’m doing it right now. If Jeff McLane is wrong, I’m wrong. But I’m not this time. Everyone else is wrong.

The story that the Eagles need to cut Vick within the next week to avoid paying him $3 million never was true since they only have to pay him that money if another team doesn’t sign him for that amount. Somebody is going to pay Vick more than $3 million next year, because quarterbacks in the National Football League make more than $3 million. Especially those scheduled to make $15.5 million.

Should the Eagles give up on Vick and let him wander over to the Cardinals or Vikings or some other loser team? Sure — $15 million is way too high. But at least this gives Charlie Kelly a little more time to look at film and see if maybe Vick wouldn’t be worth the price if he could run some unstoppable triple option with DeSean Jackson and LeHerps McDickDoctor. Or maybe Howie can work a trade. Anything’s possible. We don’t know anything about Chip and the team doesn’t even have a Defensive Coordinator yet.

Regardless of what happens, Mike, at least we’ll always have that Redskins game.