DMA shocking video has emerged of an Iraq veteran and off-duty cop being beaten up by opposing ice hockey fans after a big game between rivals. New York Rangers fan Neal Auricchio Jr, 30, received the brutal beating from three Philadelphia Flyers fans after the game on Monday night. The former Marine, who has worked as a policeman in Woodbridge, New Jersey, for four years, went to hospital with concussion after the attack. ‘He got banged up pretty badly,’ his father Neal Auricchio Sr told NBC New York. ‘Stitches in the one eye and the other eye is pretty puffed up’. ‘He’s angry, he’s upset. It’s out there in public domain and it was just a couple of cheap shots by people who got a little excessive.’

Rut roh.

So apparently the other Rangers fan (not  Callahan jersey) who got KO’d in front of Geno’s after the Winter Classic last week is a cop as well as an Iraq War veteran with a Purple Heart.  Even worse, the Flyers fan who jumped the dude apparently gave his own dumb ass up on Facebook last night. Courtesy of Crossing Broad and’s Facebook page:

Number 1, a police officer and an American war hero shouldn’t be out slapping asses and licking titties. That’s number 1. It’s not gentlemanly; it’s not nice. Plus it’s a little disturbing that a police officer and an American war hero bothered to get into it with a Facebook snitch who can’t even spell his homophobic insults correctly.  Crazy.  For some reason I’m beginning to think that all of the people involved in this late-night post-hockey cheesesteak brawl may not be too bright.

Is this incident a black eye and disgrace to the city? Yes. Is it getting blown out of proportion because there’s a video and it involves Philly fans? Yes.