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Yo Mo,

I was on twitter and noticed that Jerry Ferrara (Turtle from entourage) made a tweet saying “Sixers get josh smith? Wow they look good on paper. Good thing is no one uses paper anymore.” This dude got some kind of inside source or just got too much time on his hands making up lies since hes tool NY fan?


For starters, Jerry, it’s Josh Howard not Josh Smith. Josh Smith is still safely on the Hawks while the Sixers brought in Howard to give him a look just like the Spurs and Twolves did. Or…maybe you know something we don’t, Jerry. I’m sure you’ve racked up a lot of important connections after eight seasons of smoking fake weed with athletes and celebrities on HBO, it might not be my place to question your insider status. Maybe you lost all that weight chasing around stories in the sports world. Who knows? I mean if you’re saying the Sixers just traded Evan Turner and some draft picks for Josh Smith then I’m more than happy to write it up in a blog and give the story some legs. You’re the expert. Evan Turner for Josh Smith. You heard it here second.

Shut up, Turtle.