ThinkSpainPOLICE in San Sebastián de la Gomera have cordoned off an abandoned house after finding a seven-metre-long wasp nest. Officers were called out by worried neighbours of the empty home in the island’s capital and say the nest was in an indoor hallway and contained literally millions of wasps. Experts have examined the nest, which is said to be 21’9” in length, and say the common type of wasp found in gardens would never normally build a nest of this size. They believe it must be an invasive species of wasp which had migrated from Africa. The Canary Islands are less than 100 kilometres from Morocco by water. Authorities have been unable to trace the owner of the house.

The owner? Pretty sure it’s safe to assume he was killed by unlimited stings before his insides were hollowed out by hungry wasps and his carcass was filled with millions of wasps who eventually learned to use him as a vessel to go into town and purchase the supplies necessary to build this horrifying wasp fortress. Pretty sure it’s safe to say a Men In Black wasp body takeover situation is what happened to ‘ol boy.

Canary Islands? Yeah. You no longer exist.