DMThe co-founder of Twitter has urged the 500million people who use the website to do something else instead. Christopher Stone said that he did not want anybody spending hours using the social networking site because it is ‘unhealthy’. Instead he said they should dip in and find what they want – then stop and do other things. Stone was one of the four people who in 2006 helped create Twitter, which yesterday passed the half a billion user mark. He has remained creative director, helping it become one of the most influential social networks in the world. But users have repeatedly complained that it is incredibly addictive with some staying logged on for 12 hours at a time. At a conference in Montreal, Stone, 37, said that using Twitter that much was not what he intended. He said: ‘To me, that sounds unhealthy. ‘I like the kind of engagement where you go to the website and you leave because you’ve found what you are looking for or you found something very interesting and you learned something. ‘I think that’s a much healthier engagement. Obviously, we want you to come frequently.’

Completely broke rule #1 of business ownership: don’t denounce your own product. Doesn’t even make sense. EVERYTHING is unhealthy. If you read too much your eyes will go bad. If you work out too much you’ll injure yourself. If you stick to a specific organic and vegan diet you’ll talk about it too much, annoy all your friends, and end up alone. Everything should be used in moderation, but never, EVER do you tell the public to not use your product. That’s just common sense.

You don’t see Pres around here telling all the Stoolies “Hey you’re all welcome to come and guess that ass but then you should leave because Barstool is bad for you.” You know why? Because he doesn’t know the correct usage of “you’re” Because anybody who has ever started a business knows that you gotta keep the people engaged and using your shit.  Never drive business away from your site.

In conclusion, read Barstool all day. Read it at home, read it on your phone, and read it at work.  Print out blogs and tape them to your walls. Never stop refreshing the page or you might get cancer.  Just what I heard.