This is your chance, Philly haters. If you really believe our team is as bad as you say then I welcome you to put your money against the Birds while the betting is good. Only one predicted loss? I’m fighting the urge to write last year’s phrase again. You know the one: rhymes with “Cream Beam”.

Believe it or not, this will actually be Michael Vick’s first full offseason as the Eagles starting QB. A chance to come in as the head honcho, rally up his no-longer-disgruntled offensive group, and dominate this league as he knows they can. But the main reason for Vegas’ confidence has to be the defensive improvement. Nnamdi, DRC, and all those shitty linebackers had to come in with no real training camp to a brand new defensive system. Now that we’ve added a legit MLB in DeMeco Ryans, another pass-rushing DT in Fletcher Cox, and a bunch of other talent on the defensive side, we no longer have to watch RB’s gash us for 8-10 yard chunks.

Great stuff, Vegas. On your game this year.

PS – Yes, he learned to play chess where you think he learned to play chess.

via BloggingtheBeast