Did you hear the way this dude said pit bull? Pit Bull. Like he’s some industry insider using pronunciation only experts use. Pit Bull. No shit you shouldn’t get a pit, Mike. Your kids better like corgis or Shar Peis cause that’s the only dog you’ll ever touch for the rest of your life.

I hope this book thing works though, man. You seem like a genuine guy (even if you did write in your book about being able to lie with a straight face) and it sucks that you went to jail and lost all your money and still are the number 1 most hated athlete in sports after all these years.  Maybe it’s a racial thing.  I bet Jeremy Lin could eat all the dog his slanted heart desires and nobody would care at all.  Oooo, he went to Harvard and namedrops Jesus oooo. Whatever.  Hopefully the book helps Vick overcome some PR hurdles.  If not dude might have to Kobe his way out of this hole with a Super Bowl.

Check out the other clips from the show, such as this segment on watching his first dogfight at 8 years-old and this one about him in the middle of his best golf game ever when the police first raided.  When you’re dealing with one of the most polarizing figures in sports, it’s always good to hear these things first-hand.