PFTPer a source with knowledge of the situation, it truly is a “significant” concussion, from the perspective of the grading that applies to head injuries. As a result, that calls into question not only Vick’s availability for the rest of the season but his marketability in the future. There already was no chance that the Eagles would pay Vick $15.5 million in 2013. Given his willingness to embrace contact and the cumulative effects of concussions, anyone who signs him will be assuming the risk of more concussions. The most important thing for now is for Vick to get healthy. If he misses the rest of the season, however, the question of whether he should play any more seasons will take center stage in the offseason.

Remember that “Mike Vick Might Legit Die On The Field today” blog I did minutes before Mike Vick got concussed and opened the door for Sunshine Foles to bring some light into our lives? Well it turns out I was more right than I even had hoped. Season-ending concussion counts as dead, right?

Andy Reid apparently wasn’t overblowing the severity of Mike’s concussion when he called it “pretty significant”, as any hit to the brains that can keep a tough guy like Vick (who’s also playing for a future job and contract somewhere) out for the season sounds incredibly dangerous. Everything inside his skull must be scrambled up.  What if he does die? Do I have to quit and start reading tarot cards in New Orleans?

A concussion that keeps a guy out for longer than a week is freaky.  If Michael Vick sits the rest of the season, he can kiss any chance of a decent deal with another team goodbye.  Nobody’s going to buy a broken fumble machine.

PS – Nick Foles outplays RGIII this Sunday book it.