A brief, flickering glimmer of hope in the otherwise pitch-black darkness that is the current Philly sports landscape — and it’s probably a mirage. The Flyers won 7-0 yesterday AND Bynum practiced with other members of the team? Almost can’t bring myself to believe it.

None of us should believe it, actually. All you have to do is read the quotes from other players and/or Doug Collins to realize how much they don’t see Bynum coming back soon. “He’s still where hes been,” Coach Collins said yesterday. “Some days he is taking it a little slower and other days he is looking like a beast … I don’t know,” said Jrue Holiday. Nobody knows. It’s all up to Bynum.

Hopefully Big Man not talking to the media for the first time in over a month is a sign he wants to let his game do the talking, but that’s about as likely as something very unlikely. I’m the #1 Sixers apologist and can’t even bring myself to get excited about this.

Not gonna fall for it.  Dunk in a scrimmage, Andrew.