LiveleakKnown as marijuanaman. “These guys are now in jail , i guess the gun was real, so as a result they face a mandatory min of 5 yrears in jail”.

Even as an old school boot-strappin’, honest hard work-lovin, crime-despisin’ American, I took GREAT pleasure in watching this lame get robbed at gunpoint. This YouTube stoner is the complete and vivid personification of a vagina. One look at that pistol and homeboy transformed into a walking Georgia O’Keefe painting.

Oh, you don’t have any money or weed because “you gave it to your friend already today”? You know your excuse is bad when it’s so vague it requires its own excuse. “I gave it to my friend tonight.” Just hearing that makes me want to hit him in the back with a crowbar, too. There’s literally nothing but weed stuff in your room, buddy. If there’s one thing we’re all sure about, it’s that you definitely don’t not never not have huge amounts of marijuana on you at all times. Which, if you’re not good with quadruple negatives, means he most certainly has lots of weed hidden somewhere.

That Jackson 5 song is gonna haunt him forever.