Youtube Description

A fight at the Cherry Hill Mall in Camden County was caught on camera. Police say on Saturday evening, a group of young people got into a brawl inside the mall. There is no word on what caused the fight, but police say there were no serious injuries. The mall released a statement Monday afternoon: “The incident at Cherry Hill Mall Saturday night is isolated and rare. The mall has a zero tolerance policy for any disruption or crime aimed at our shoppers and employees. We maintain a strong security presence at the mall and work closely with the Cherry Hill Police Department throughout the year. We strive to create a safe, enjoyable experience for our shoppers and employees and that will not change as a result of this incident. We refer you to the Cherry Hill Police Department for further comment.”


This fights got everything: tight pants, kids under 5 feet tall, a sale at The Gap…everything. Did I spot a guy in form-fitting jean shorts wearing red Tom’s charity shoes? That’s a Cherry Hill gangster if I’ve ever seen one.

Gotta appreciate the kid who only came in to gang-stomp on somebody getting what he deserved at :19. Keep that head on a swivel, son.