Youtube Description
EJ Johnson tells Wendy how his family reacted to the news that he’s gay and how his life has changed since appearing on “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.”

With Michael Sam coming out and receiving nothing short of overwhelmingly positive responses from most people associated with sports, EJ’s timing couldn’t be more perfect. Right now there are straight adult men sitting at home watching Sportscenter thinking, “You know that Michael Sam seems like a good kid I wouldn’t mind if my son was gay and turned out like that young man.” Makes me real curious to how they’d view their kid if they turned out like EJ Johnson.

EJ is every bit as well-spoken as Michael Sam if not more so, and is also well-educated, career-focused, and unafraid of being open about himself. Yet something tells me those guys cheering Michael Sam on ESPN wouldn’t feel the same way about their kid turning into EJ Johnson. Maybe I’m wrong (I’m not).

The kicker for me is imagining EJ Johnson just WORKING dudes on the basketball court. Oh you may see a big fat flamboyant gay man in a fabulous muumuu, but how funny would it be to see him breaking ankles and dishing dimes like daddy as soon as his sneakers touch the hardwood? Chappelle Prince skit x 50.

PS – I feel like Kenan Thompson was born to impersonate this kid.