ABC15This season, Bibby has been attending games to watch his son – point guard Michael Bibby. As usual, Bibby was in the stands for this sectional game. He was arguing with the refs until he was forced to leave with a police escort, thereby creating quite the memorable moment – for all the wrong reasons.

Not quite the 2Pac walk, but gangster enough with the mix of high schoolers cheering and booing in the background to make it seem similar. Fresh-faced Bibby iced-out in sweatpants looking like a 22 year-old about to go on Spring Break 2004.

What a strange life being the son of a pro athlete must live. On the positive side you’re probably wealthy, have a cell phone background picture of you shooting pool with LeBron James, and bang out a few groupies in high school. As for the negatives, well, you’ve gotta deal with your 34 year-old father blacking lightskinding out on refs in the gym where his jersey is retired on the wall so bad that the local police have to see him out. Then spend a lifetime trying to get out of his shadow.

Maybe it all evens out.