via Barstool Reddit:

I’m from Philly but my girlfriend lives in Brooklyn by the Barclays Center. A couple months ago I saw Mo walking down the street into a building by where she lived. Didn’t want to disturb him, but knew it was Mo as he sticks out like a tall sore thumb if you’re a stoolie. I didn’t think anything of it until tonight when watching his Ask A Black Blogger video my girlfriend interrupts and says she knows that guy. Confused, because she has no idea what Barstool is, she says he lives right by her in Brooklyn and has seen him around a lot. I asked her again if she was sure this was the same person she said almost 100%.
Not being one to start trouble, but is there any way to confirm or discredit this? Is he even from Philly to begin with? I actually like Mo and his blogs, but being born, raised and living here as well as being a die hard stoolie, this would be bullshit.

Video should explain everything. When I first got hired the idea was to eventually move back, but as time went on Pres and I realized it would make literally no difference in terms of the blog. Kept it quiet since it wasn’t a big deal and bringing it up would cause more trouble than it was worth. I’m sure some of you are going to feel some type of way about this, but I suspect the vast majority of you have brains and don’t give a shit / realize it doesn’t change anything. I’m the third straight generation of my fam to be born in Philly and most of my family is still in the city. Ridiculous I even have to defend myself.

PS – Yes I now live in fear that some dude’s girlfriend is stalking me.