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Someone on my facebook posted this video of people ripping this dude’s jersey in half. Some of the faces in the video I recognize from high school and someone on the facebook post confirmed it as himself. He claimed they have no idea who the Bucs fan was, but they all look like they know each other to me. Unless the Bucs fan is just playing along like it’s not a big deal to avoid getting beat up. I dunno. And sorry for the vertical video failure.


Philly fans. Typical shameless promotion of violence. No doubt that was a complete stranger’s jersey Werth-beard here ripped in half and not his long-time friend with which he already had a pre-game deal with. No way he knew that guy before — these Philadelphia scumbags are just that disgusting.

I hope you’re happy, Philly fans. Ruined a perfectly good Bucs jersey with your fanaticism and aggressive beardedness.