When did 100,000 or so Philly Fans get the time to move to Azteca, learn the language, and brown their complexion to perfectly fit in with the hometown Mexican soccer fans? Hey — I have no clue. I just know scumbag Philly Fan behavior when I see it. Police riot squads only come out in one of two situations: 1) European club matches 2) when Philly Fans start warming up their snowball/battery throwing arms. And since neither of these teams is European, it’s very likely that some of the Philly Fans smuggled snowballs in the stadium with them from across the border. And how many of these Cheez Whiz buffoons do you think are wearing offensive Brownface makeup and walking on their knees to disguise themselves as true Mexicanos? All around disgusting display of racism and anti-patriotism. These USA fans simply wanted to obnoxiously celebrate a non-win in the heart of Mexican gang territory.

Shame on you, Philadelphia.