I love this so much I had to pause it and step away so I wouldn’t be tempted to masturbate to it. Yes. YES. FINALLY someone can explain clearly and snarkily why your bullshit complaints about pop culture are falling on deaf ears.

And the superiority aspect of reality TV couldn’t be more right. Why do you think we post “Does This Look Like the Face Of…”? Why do you think racist commenters say racist things about the arrested minorities on this blog? So they can feel okay about living at home shackled by student debt or having to wake up at 7AM make $55k a year in a cubicle or having to continue a relationship with a person they don’t love because they forgot to pull out. It’s the same shit. Sad? Yep. But that’s life. So you can either kill yourself to escape being a cog in an American war machine designed to steal the prime 40 hours a week of your life for the next half century only to make some rich guy richer…or just buy an iPhone & a football jersey and not think about it like the rest of us.


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