RSEntourage is coming to the big screen, Deadline reports. Warner Bros. has green-lighted a movie version of the HBO series that ran from 2004-11, which would reprise the exploits of Adrian Grenier’s movie star Vinnie Chase, his cronies and, of course, his backbiting agent Ari Gold, portrayed by Jeremy Piven. Negotiations are underway with the cast of the series which, in addition to Piven and Grenier, includes Kevin Connolly, who played Chase’s manager Eric “E” Murphy; Kevin Dillon, who played Chase’s brother Johnny Drama; and Jerry Ferrara, who played their go-fer Turtle. Series creator Doug Ellin wrote the screenplay and will direct the movie.

There was a period in time when Entourage actually felt cool. Maybe in the early to middle seasons before Vinnie Chase started doing coke and banging porn stars. Back when we didn’t mind that every episode consisted of the same six-step formula:

1. Something great is going to happen in Vince’s career
2. Uh oh, something has gone wrong
3. Quick, Turtle and Drama go off and do something nobody cares about
4. Ari & E fight then fix the problem
5. Vince bangs some chick in a coat closet
6. High five let’s go snowboarding

Everyone loved that formula. Until they didn’t. We can only pray that Warner Bros. has the movie juice to make all of this seem cool and interesting again. America doesn’t need the Entourage movie pulling a MedellĂ­n.