“And then we go on to play the elite-of-the-elite-of-the-ELITE next year. The SUPER elite. Some of you guys might not make it there. Alive, I mean. Because life is crazy and, really, anything can happen at any time. I’m 40 so I know. But we’re all still brothers. Wait…what were we talkin’ about?”

I know Chipper has a lisp but dude sounds like he was getting a little loose before the big locker room speech. Maybe powering through a few super cold Silver Bullets in anticipation for his All-Star game finale. Hey — nothing wrong with it. It’s not like he didn’t spend 95% of his evening lounging around bullshitting with other rich guys about rich guy stuff. Plus, as much as I hate to admit it, the speech worked.  8-0?  Slurry Chipper can quote Major League II and talk about his children getting murdered before every ASG.

Never Forget: