Naturally, questions have abounded regarding Tebow’s communication with Cooper since a video emerged of the Eagles’ wide receiver blurting out a racial epithet back in June.

“You know we’re friends,” Tebow said after the joint practice between the Eagles and Patriots. “We’ve been close for a long time, so we’ll talk.”

“I haven’t gotten to see him yet today. I’m sure I’ll see him soon, but I was definitely praying for him.

Tim Tebow wasn’t LITERALLY praying for Riley Cooper, was he? Like I know “praying for him” is a thing that churchy people say to let people know they’re thinking about them, but that doesn’t always seriously mean getting down on your knees by the bed with your hands together and asking God to help them out. It’s just a nice thing to say.

Yet this is Tim Tebow we’re talking about. Strikes me as the kind of cat who makes it a point to literally get down and pray for each and every person he said he would pray for. Guy’s probably on his knees for every cancer kid, sick puppy, and racist former teammate on the planet. What a guy. A model for excellence in all facets of his life except quarterbacking.

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