Youtube Description

Allen iverson great move to shake down the defencer in Friendly game. Allen iverson and the USA all-star team come to China and make a friendly game with Beijing Basketball team which own another NBA star steve Marbury.

You can’t get any more 37 year-old Allen Iverson than this clip right here. You can’t. You could go to Sugarhouse and down 10 Heinekens while sweating over a late-night craps table in a velour Reebok track suit and still not come close to reaching this level of old Iverson-ness. It’s perfect. Lazy crossover breaks the ankles of an uncoordinated Asian player leaving you with wide open lane? Time to hit ‘em with the elbow jumper brick. Run to old AI perfection.

Still love you, Allen!

PS – Steve Marbury? Whatever you say, Chinese Overlords.