butterfinger peanut butter cu

usatodayWatch out Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The nation’s top-selling candy bar is about to find itself with an unlikely new competitor in the peanut butter cup category: Butterfinger. Wednesday, Nestle will announce plans for a 2014 rollout of its most radical-ever twist to the 90-year-old old candy bar, perhaps best-known for the way it sticks, crunches and oozes between teeth. So convinced are Nestle U.S.A. executives that the Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup will be a smash, that Nestle has even purchased its first-ever Super Bowl commercial to tout it. “The peanut butter cup is America’s favorite candy,” says Jeremy Vandervoet, brand manager for Butterfinger. “This is the first time the peanut butter cup will change.”

Nestle must be the dumbest company on earth. Do they have any idea at all how much money they’ve pissed away by not releasing the Butterfinger Cup in like 1970? Probably literally billions. Kids could have been debating Reese’s cups vs. Butterfinger cups for decades now. Could’ve had yearly Halloween advertising competitions, could’ve gotten the Simpsons involved…it would have been a sales bonanza. But no. You wait until 20-fucking-14 to drop the most obvious candy transformation since the “fun size”.

The peanut butter cup is “America’s favorite candy” and it took you 90 years to roll this out? Way to think it through, Nestle.