HuffPoA Philadelphia man allegedly threw blistering hot coffee at a donut shop employee after a dispute over a $2.40 bill. Philadelphia police have allegedly identified David Timbers as the man who was caught on tape Tuesday morning throwing a large styrofoam cup filled with coffee at 27-year-old Sok Caea, the employee behind the counter. The alleged assault happened Tuesday morning after a man identified later as Timbers claimed he had already paid for the sandwich he ordered. When the woman asked him to pay up, he became outraged, according to WPVI-TV. “I paid for my sandwich, lady,” the man is heard saying on the surveillance recording released by Philadelphia police. “Listen, I paid for my sandwich. I don’t need $2.25 or whatever you charged me… $2.40.” Afer a profanity-laced rant, the man on the tape pried the coffee out of a worker’s hands and threw it on her. Caea, who recently moved from Cambodia, suffered severe burns as a result of the assault, but was back at work on Thursday, according to her translator. “She’s doing okay, she’s doing fine right now just hurt a little bit,” the translator told WABC-TV. Caea had been working in the donut shop part-time to see if she would want to start her own business, but the experience has her thinking twice, according to co-worker Van Eap.

Kmarko already took his shot at our city and the integrity of our people, so obviously it’s up to me to clear our name. First of all — anyone who brings up booing Santa with Philadelphia automatically loses all credibility. Your argument is invalid just by rehashing that tired cliche. SANTA WAS SKINNY AND DRUNK, FOLKS. HE DESERVED TO BE BOOED.

But more importantly, why is a woman who speaks ZERO ENGLISH taking orders to begin with? That’s literally the last position she should have. Making the donuts, making the coffee, sweeping, mopping, telling fortunes, selling breast milk, dancing topless for all the busy West Philly gold Caddy pimp suited “businessmen” who frequent the establishment — all better jobs for her than taking orders. And put yourself in Mustache Mike’s shoes: dude ALREADY PAID for his sandwich. God knows how many times this “confusion” has happened. She knew he already paid. Nobody’s memory is that bad. Old girl was just tryin to squeeze another $2.40 out of this poor man.

Can’t say I agree with his decision to dump scolding coffee on some Asian immigrant’s arm for “forgetting” that he paid, but some sort of justice needed to be served. Otherwise normally good men would be subjected to this unregulated small coffee shop madness for God knows how long.