Maybe ol’ Chinashoe isn’t coming up second with this one, but something here still seems weird. This chick is killing me with those eyes but why do I even know who she is?  Like what do you guys think about an early-20′s millionaire athlete who could scoop up a high percentage of the jawns walking around today publicly cuffing a girl like this?

Like is this Evan Turner somehow ruining a first-place achievement with second-place behavior?  It’s not like she’s famous and he wants to show her off for publicity’s sake.  Keeping her around courtside in the public eye and tweeting at her so scrub bloggers like myself can stalk her online and post pictures and shit seems like purposeful attention-seeking behavior. Is that corny or is the guy just rightfully showing off his trophy?

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All I heard was whompwhompwhompwhompwhomp.

Thanks @TTADelco