Jrue Holiday is the mother fucking shit. He’s Westbrooking. What I mean by that is, he’s leaving his status as a ‘good’ player and very quietly becoming ‘great’, much like Brian Westbrook did in 2003 under the national media’s radar. ESPN caught on a year after that and only got to enjoy BWest at his best for a year or two more, but Philly fans knew how good he was back in the early days when every week it felt like having an Ace up your sleeve. Jrue is slowly getting to that point now. Westbrooking. Jrue’s the truth.

Rajon Rondo is a tremendous player. Period. Yet there is no overlooking his obvious lack of shooting ability. We’re talking about an All-Star guard shooting .600 from the free throw line. His inability to be a mid range threat hurts the Celtics by allowing Rondo’s man to sag off, although to The Jacket‘s credit he more than makes up for it with quickness and awesome playmakinging ability.

The thing is — Jrue Holiday has both of those things, AND he can shoot. Hitting 40+% of his 3-pointers so far. Every season Jrue has steadily improved his game, yet as it stands right now it’s difficult to tell where his ceiling truly is. For a guy who can hit from deep as well as Jrue can, he’ll never get to shoot that many with Jason Richardson, Nick Young, and Dorell Wright on the same squad.

And what if Jrue had the talent around him Rondo has enjoyed his entire career? Jrue Holiday has been kicking it out for open ANDRE IGUODALA 3-pointers and expected to put up assist numbers. Dishing it down low to Elton Brand wishing to God somebody fouls him. Not exactly Paul Pierce and The Big Ticket. The Andrew Bynum Hair & Knees Show remains on the bench.

The only knock on Jrue is that he turns the ball over too much. Four point five a game so far this year — pretty much leading the league. But this is the first year hes been the main ball handler, as Doug Collins has vastly expanded his role this season. And look what he’s doing as someone four years younger than Rondo:

That’s a healthy stat sheet. Then Jrue does something like he did last night against the Suns and drops 33 with 13 assists and only 2 turnovers. Twenty-two years old. Seems like hes been in the league forever. Only 22.

Jrue Holiday will be an All-Star sooner than later, Philly. Get on the bandwagon early.