One of us is walking away the winner. It’s simple math. And although I’m far too lazy to do that simple math, I’m not too lazy to write a blog jumping to conclusions and assuming one of us will mathematically wind up the winner.

Right now kmarko sits at 191.7 with me at 164.48 — but I still have Arian Foster and the Texans Defense yet to play. Unless Foster shits the bed I’m pretty much guaranteed to move up past whoever these two bozos are in between us, but I’m still not sure I have enough to score the 27.23 necessary to claim victory over all of FanDuel.

Either way, I’m curious as to who the Stoolies would rather see win this money. I know a lot of people hate me here, but there are also a bunch of give even less of a shit about BarstoolU. So I’m asking: who would you rather see win FanDuel this week?

Vote 1 for kmarko and 10 for maurice.
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For the record (out of 155):

95 – Smitty – 108.86
102 – Neil – 106.56
103 – KFC – 106
149 – El Pres – 76.04