Kanye West took a beating last night. But luckily it was mostly only from dummies.

Kanye has consistently been ahead of his time. When he first came out in the late 90′s early 2000′s everybody was rapping about shooting people and acting hard. Kanye was wearing polos and talking about dropping out of college to pursue a dream. Now for a less impactful artist that would have been it, but because Kanye’s production was so far ahead of everything else at the time, his personal shift away from the mainstream actually shifted the entire mainstream.

So now everybody is making fun of Kanye for wearing that leather kilt/skirt thing? Number one, he’s been wearing that skirt for a year plus. Like damn near every concert and nobody had said anything.

Number two, so the fuck what? Nobody gives Mick Jagger and David Bowie shit for banging each other in the butt back in the day, and those are two supposed “straight” men. Kanye West wears abstract designer future clothes because he’s a rich rapper with a nerdy passion for art. He doesn’t have to go to a cubicle 9 to 5 every day, so instead he makes beats and hangs out with deep-end high-fashion celebrities like Anja Rubik and Anna Wintour and probably others that he didn’t specifically namedrop in a song. Obviously the pleated leather skirt is weird and foreign to your average cubicle monkey, as I’m sure your accounting agency’s abnormal earnings valuation model is weird and foreign to Kanye.

Look, there are people who deserve criticism and certainly Kanye West is one of them. But he also deserves respect for staying true to his insane artist self and not being afraid to lose money and “acceptance” by saying, doing, and wearing controversial things. Trust Dave Chappelle: staying true to yourself as a celebrity is not as easy as it seems. The man has never made a bad album. Not one. And that’s with 5 solo albums and 2 collab projects. His latest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is, in my opinion, an all-time example for any genre. So whatever it is about his clothes or arrogance I don’t care, because like some of our best athletes who talk shit and back it up, so does Yeezy.

But hey, listen to a shitty musician in the manliest pants you can find if it makes you feel good.

Kanye West – Gorgeous. Music Video. from Jacob Angle on Vimeo.