Sure it’s the work of immature, careless, and dickish teenagers who are doing nothing but making life harder for people who probably don’t need their lives to be made any harder, but it’s also fucking hilarious. With any luck this will replace Tebowing, Coning, and any other trendy “-ing” videos currently circulating the internet (that includes you, Invisible Driver Prank).

First of all it would be interesting to see the many creative ways people come up with to smash their gallons, but that’s not why we should want to see this become a trend. We should want to see Gallon Smashing grow because eventually somebody’s gonna get beat senseless inside a Whole Foods or a Shop Rite and it’s all gonna be on camera. Some dude with chocolate milk on his new Jordans isn’t going to care that some skinny kid is writhing in fake agony on the ground. He’s gonna beat him senseless with a half busted open jug of milk. And that’s something we should all want to see.

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