DMThe masked protester in Egypt was caught with his trousers down yesterday as he hurled rocks at riot police. He exposed his blue boxer shorts when his loose trousers slipped to his knees during clashes near Cairo’s Tahrir Square. It came on the fourth day of violence that has swept the country and left more than 50 dead.

So you think I’m gonna go in on your pants being down. It ain’t even about that. Boxer briefs are an excellent rioting choice — both the freedom and comfort you need in a life or death situation. But you’re missing one crucial element: a belt. You’re gonna want to get a belt next time your raging against the machine.

The biggest question here: who the hell protests in motherfucking FLIP FLOPS? I know things in Egypt are shaky with all of this political and economic turmoil, but you’re gonna want to get some coverage for those toes in these trying times, homeboy. Rioting in flip flops is like that little kid in Always Sunny showing up to the basketball court in flip flops. Worse, even.

Also, who picked out that rock? Your grandma? Dude behind you has purple sleeves and even he is man enough to double fist a couple man-sized rocks. And here you are with your pants down wearing flip flops throwing a rock you should be skipping over a pond.

You must be new to the Egyptian Tahrir Square protest scene.