IHCHey look! Yoko Ono news! I know, it’s incredibly exciting… but she just released a line of clothing based on a series of sketches she once made for John Lennon, outlining his various body parts. So it’s got that going for it.

I think I know a thing or two about fashion so take it from me when I say the Balls Hoodie is this season’s “Back to Back World War Champs”. Yoko can call this thing a “Butt Hoodie” all she wants but she knows damn well those are dangling balls. She said this line was based on drawings she did of John? Well as far as I know John Lennon didn’t have a voluptuous wide-hipped figure; probably a lot more likely those are his low-hanging English balls.

For $75 a Hoodie with an outline of John Lennon’s balls can be yours. Or mine if you wanna buy me one. Hell, maybe I should buy 50, slap a Stool on the back, and sell them to yous for $150.