IBTLi Bingbing (Chinese name 李冰冰) got noticed in America Monday when a 2012 photo emerged of her wearing the same sea foam green Gucci dress that Katy Perry wore to the 2013 Grammy Awards. Here’s a primer on the trend-setting Chinese actress. And the storyline evolved on Monday when a photograph of little-known Chinese actress Li Bingbing wearing the same frock with a slightly different bejeweled neckpiece to the 2012 Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan hit the Web, and people made their feelings known about who wore it better. An image bearing photos of both actresses wearing the dress made it to the front page of Reddit, where commenters dissected it at great length. Most of the love went to Perry thanks to her more ample cleavage, but many people thought that in the picture of her making the rounds, Li made the stunning dress look much more classy and sophisticated, and appreciated that she didn’t use it as a way to bare as much as possible.

Think Li Bingbing might have forgotten her breasts at home.

Made it look “much more classy and sophisticated”? Why — because she has small boobs? That’s feminazi reverse breast discrimination if I’ve ever seen it.

In actuality, claiming that Li Bingbing’s sexless look in this dress is “much more classy and sophisticated” is both sexist and racist. Just because Katy Perry is a busty American pop singer who occasionally blasts fireworks from her tits doesn’t make her any less classy than whoever this Bingbing tramp is. “Ohh, I graduated with honors from a prestigious university and work as an international Ambassador for Goodwill and wildlife protection in China.” Whatever, Bingbing. Grow a breast then come talk to me.