PhillymagIt’s clear that one of Chip Kelly’s goals is to create a competitive environment where every player on the Eagles’ roster feels like he has a chance to win a spot and make an impact. So it should come as no surprise that newly-signed quarterback Dennis Dixon believes he’s very much in the mix to be the Birds’ starting quarterback. “From my understanding, the job is open,” Dixon said Monday afternoon during a conference call with reporters. “It’s going to be a very competitive nature around here. It’s pretty much open. May the best man win.”

Just kidding — Dennis Dixon sucks. But if you believe what he says and Kellz is serious about this open competition thing, then this summer could get very interesting. And by “very interesting” I mean Michael Vick is without a doubt your starting quarterback, Dennis Dixon is your backup, and Nick Foles will probably be doing local car dealership ads in Missouri by August.

Think about what an open competition means. “Michael, Nick, Dennis: now it’s time to get an idea of how well each of you can run the read-option.” Fast forward three weeks and Nick Foles is the newest starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. An open competition where one of the top two guys lacks the skill set to compete isn’t a competition, it’s handing the keys over to Vick until Chip can find a long-term solution to put behind the wheel next year. That is, unless Dixon wins the job outright.