transfiguration by feelings oakleys sunglasses

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transfiguration by feelings oakleys sunglasses

Postby x8lpc56c52 » Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:41 am

New Year approaching,oakley rx sunglasses, the change in shape and set up a beauty plan, always each woman is unable to control themselves ready to make things. Recently, we have beauty fashion (painting) show topics, and invited the three representative professional beauty, and for them to invite a senior makeup artist,oakley rx sunglasses, hairdresser, beautician, manicurist, color experts, medical beautician professionals to follow their example, teach you how to transform into your own beautiful. This topic is divided into three, namely, shape, skin,oakley sunglasses outlet, nail the three themes of practical and instructive, is the Editor New Year to give to the reader a beautiful dessert. Today is the first phase:
cases of MM: Wen Jing, director of brand service department customers.
transfiguration before LOOK: tall,discount oakley sunglasses, straight long hair, sweet
the transfiguration desire:
1, we all think very long hair suits my temperament, but I need more competent in career, contacts with people easier access to each other's trust and to achieve cooperation.
, this hairstyle has accompanied me a lot years, and I very much want to change! Therefore, short hair, the specific short to what extent, I am not sure, I hope the experts can give me some suggestions
winter, with the winter when I think long hair of the plasticity somewhat less, do not know short hair can be more flexible with the winter I just acquired diagnosis of
an expert team:
,emporio armani sunglasses, TONI & GUY, the new generation of senior ESSENSUALS color show hair stylist has seven years of hairdressing experience, exquisite techniques.
hair stylist diagnostic mm first saw Wen Jing, she gave me a sweet and gentle. She has a small pointed face, the chin is very pretty, but I think her hair tail some excess hair on her, would seem she is not competent, can not be well to highlight her temperament, her forehead is not very perfect, I think if she cut some bangs to be more suitable for her sweet temperament.
build artists face the magician, stylist industry in 2003,oakley sunglasses outlet, engaged in the overall shape for many years. involved in a wide range of image building of the makeup, hair and style, with more than fashion magazines and media shows to diagnostic mm Wen Jing,
make-up artist gave me the feeling is quiet and soft, so I gave her the makeup will fit temperament. In fact, some wide her forehead, face also significantly longer, dim complexion, so it is necessary to mention bright color eye shadow colors I choose for her golden small smoked, ready to black is gold, but black is obviously not suitable for her to transform into small smoke mandy this design to Wen Jing short hair is an extension of the most popular this year bobo head, new hair will appear more fluffy hair, the appropriate modification of some long text crystal face set off her pretty chin.
change body Step 2: If time permits, mandy also recommended that the crystal do a deep red coloring, as not only more stylish, and will improve her color increased oblique bangs,oakleys sunglasses, highlights the little woman style of Wen Jing Wu Mei.
the transfiguration third step: Wen Jing face is long and narrow, but for the overall effect of the latent potential shading to her cheeks.
turned the fourth step: the busy work will inevitably Wen Jing looks a little spirit, and then smear the golden triangle area of ​​the eye loose powder to mention the bright eye shadow, not only to enhance the sense of fashion, and the eye bags and dark circles swept away. the same smoke, latent potential Wen Jing to select the more suitable for autumn and winter golden smoked, not only increase the sense of fashion in order to paste together Wen Jing selected light gold dress. the
turned LOOK: shoulder-length short hair,cheap oakley sunglasses, both feminine competent,oakley sunglasses outlet, charming type.
transfiguration by feelings:
the the I really like mandy gave me this hair in the afternoon in the company's theme party colleagues are praising: charming, full of feminine and I feel that hair is not only good care, and can freely transform: for example, I can either her hair tied up, you can also take a card issuer; or curling irons to be a volume, the length is also very suitable; with hat would be more convenient, are not long hair when every time I should take the hair pulled into a bun and then tape,giorgio armani sunglasses, now as long as the hair behind the ear behind it, people seem more Jiali Suo. this feeling is also very fresh.
team of experts to judge:
hair stylist judge mm This short hair is very suitable for the face and temperament of the Wen Jing. fluffy hair properly modified her face, her face looked more mellow now Her hair color is still black, if time permits,oakley sunglasses, in fact, I would recommend keeping this background,armani sunglasses, but on this basis, a few slices of deep red chunk highlights, that would brighten the color of her skin, will increase the fashion sense of Wen Jing.
make-up artist judge mm short hair seems to suddenly come alive,armani sunglasses, she is actually very makeup, her Dingzhuang after I gave her to make up some flash loose powder to match her golden dress, but also brighten some of her dull complexion. although her face does not exist too broad, but in order to mirror consider me or to her cheeks marked with the amendments to face the shadow, to increase the three-dimensional face.

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