Philly.comA transgender Norristown woman has pleaded guilty in Montgomery County Court to fatally stabbing her boyfriend during an argument at a relative’s Moore Street home last August. Asia Santana, 40, whose given name is Tyrone Crawley, appeared before Judge William J. Furber Jr. Wednesday and admitted to one count of third-degree murder and one count of possessing an instrument of crime. Assistant District Attorney Cara M. McMenamin described the Aug. 13 stabbing as “a rage killing” in which Santana stabbed Eric Nevith, 28, six times with a kitchen knife. Death was due to wounds which pierced the thoracic aorta and a lung, McMenamin said. The crime occurred at Santana’s cousin’s home, where Santana and Nevith were staying, the assistant district attorney said. The two had been together with “up’s and down’s” for about six years. “It’s a very sad case. There is no happy ending in this case,” McMenamin said during a brief hearing in Norristown. Santana, who dressed for court in a cream-colored satin blouse and black pants, told Furber that she preferred to be called Asia Santana, despite the fact that her legal name is Crawley. “I have no difficulty in abiding by that request,” Furber said. No date has been set for sentencing while Santana undergoes a presentencing investigation, a psychological evaluation, and a drug and alcohol investigation, Nestor and McMenamin said. Santana is being held in the Montgomery County prison without bail. She faces a possible maximum sentence of 20 to 45 years behind bars on the two offenses.

Wait, so I can go all Scream on some dude, stab him six times with a big-ass kitchen knife, and if I’m a “polite” transgender who admits to the crime I can walk away only getting 20 years? This system is the shit. I can’t wait for the transgender polite knife gangs to start popping up all over the Philly streets. West Philly Titties Wit Dicks Gang pokin muhfuckers all day. Collapsing lungs and taking responsibility for their actions when caught. “Yeah, man, RaShawn just went up there in this delightful cream-colored blouse and black stretch pants ensemble, lowered his head in shame, and got off with only 12 years with good behavior.” What a country. Greatest justice system loophole since the “I’m sorry I’m Asian” car accident excuse fad of 2002.

Thanks Turbo Yoda