foles family (11/15/12) – ABOUT 13 MONTHS ago, the Austin (Texas) American-Statesman reported that Austin restaurant magnate Larry Foles and partner Guy Villavaso had sold their eight national Eddie V’s Prime Seafood restaurants and their three Wildfish Grilles for $59 million. That was a pretty good haul for the father of Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, especially since, as Nick noted on Wednesday his father never graduated from high school. Nick said his parents, Larry and Melissa, who retain extensive restaurant holdings, have “always been my inspiration. They’ve given me this opportunity.” Larry Foles said Wednesday he feels his 23-year-old son is “ready for any challenge.” “He’s one of the most earnest, humble, good people in the world,” Larry Foles said. “He understands adversity, and he understands the patience to get through it. He really understands, we talk about it all the time, the Philly fans. He said, ‘Dad, they’re tough. They’re going to let you have it. But, boy I tell you, if you do well, they’re going to cheer you on like crazy.’ I said, ‘are you ready?’ He said, ‘I’m ready for it, I really am. I love fans like that.’ “

According to Nick Foles will have earned $1,161,760 after this season is over. Larry Foles and his partner sold their restaurant chain Eddie V’s for $59 million. After an unrealistic estimation that Larry saw half of that money and some quick division we come to the conclusion that Larry Foles is approximately 25x wealthier than his son and future Hall of Famer Nick Foles.

For reasons I have trouble explaining, this blows my mind. Yes there are reports emerging that the children of rich parents are far more likely to become pro athletes than poor kids, but this is somehow different than Matt Barkley being born a rich kid. The idea of earning one of only 32 jobs as a starting NFL quarterback and still being 25 times less successful than your father is wild. “Hey dad, remember that time I threw seven touchdowns in a single game?” “Hey son, remember that time I built a single restaurant into a $59 million empire¬†with no high school education? Yeah, exactly. Shut up.”

PS – Nick Foles’ mom possible MILF status?