The girl at the end wimpishly yelling “No justice, no peace” just about personifies the entire movement. It’s over, folks. Fun while it lasted. Never before have I heard someone chant that phrase and so confidently believed that there would be absolute, unstoppable peace regardless if there’s justice or not. Money controls the world, kids. Hey, at least you’ll be in that what-happened-in-2011 color section in the back of yearbooks this year.  Probably.

And what the FUCK is up with the drums? Have drums ever solved any issue ever in the history of humanity? Has anyone ever said “you know, I thought differently before, but now that I heard that smelly kid with the dreadlocks unrhythmically drumming in the distance my mind is completely changed”? If you’re banging a drum at a protest, you’re literally accomplishing nothing.

Occupy Philly — you’re out of Dilworth and your time is done.  Here’s a tip: next time bring money.