The competition has been ferocious. Last week I cobbled together one hell of a team and, while I didn’t quite make it into the money, I successfully reassured myself of my own genius. Finishing ahead of every other Barstool writer AND having the foresight to get 15.1 points out of Danny Amendola? maurice you did it again.

This time I’m coming for the cash. We got $7000 in total prizes on the line this weekend with the top dog immediately pocketing $1,800. Winning nearly two grand on 50 bucks — not a bad deal. All you gotta do is sign up, pick your 9-player team while staying under the salary cap, and collect your winnings if your team performs.

We only have 155 spots this week, and if you’ve been following you know how quickly they fill up. So if you wanna see if you know more than Pres, KFC, kmarko, Neil, Smitty, BigCat, and myself, all while having the chance to walk away with a nice chunk of cash, SIGN UP NOW and draft your team.