Blue Jackets’ Corey Tropp Scores One Of The More Impressive Non-Goals Of The Year

Once again the zebras come in and ruin everything.

The Columbus Blue Jackets lost to the Montreal Canadiens last night 5-2. But I think we can all agree that if the refs didn’t have such quick whistles on this disallowed goal by Corey Tropp, the game would have gone much much differently. The game was 3-1 Habs at the time and this non-goal was one of the slickest displays of determination I’ve seen in a while. If the refs quit making the game all about themselves, learned to swallow the whistle every now and then, then we’ve got ourselves a good hockey goal on our hands here. All of a sudden the ice is tilted in Columbus’ favor and the comeback is on. Instead, it gets waved off and the Canadiens end up taking a 4-1 lead. For shame. This goal deserves it’s spot in all the Top 10 highlights for the month but once again, the zebras proved to us that they are the worst human beings on planet Earth. Whatever. I’m still counting it as a goal in my book and storing this for personal use later.

By jordie posted February 27th, 2015 at 11:05 AM

Drunk Habs Fan Has Himself A Puke Party In The Stands

There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti!

There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti! At least he was awake so nobody had to roll him over on his side so he didn’t pull a Jimi Hendrix/Jane. Here’s hoping he made it all the way to the bathroom or swallowed it whole. Ew. Lucky for him the Canadians are decent this year. You don’t need to drown yourself in alcohol to puke whenever the Flyers play someone they’re supposed to beat. Seriously. It’s nauseating how they can pound Nashville and the Caps over the wknd then shit the ice vs the Hurricanes and Toronto. That’s Philly luck for ya.

By smitty posted February 27th, 2015 at 10:25 AM

Jimmy Kimmell Brilliantly Rips Into The Anti-Vaccination Crowd

"Parents in LA are more scared of Gluten than Smallpox." Fact.

A little late to the party, but still on point as ever. As I stated before, Can We Take Away The Rights To Vote/Breed/Live From Anyone Who Is Anti-Vaccination? Actually, I’m just going to blog that post again because it’s Friday morning and it’s still relevant as ever.

Of all the outright idiotic causes in the world to needlessly rebel against, this anti-vaccination movement may be the most batshit. Just plain stupid. And I’m not saying that because, you know, I have common fucking sense. EVERY SINGLE study/real life example has concluded vaccines contribute no harm whatsoever. But more importantly, even if they did harm kids in the very rare occasion (which they don’t), they would still save a shit load more lives than anything else. I don’t get it. I, for one, was thankful to grow up not having to worry if Polio was going to paralyze my dick off at any given moment. Shit, I even got vaccinated for the Chicken Pox. Remember Smallpox? The killer that lived on blankets that could wipe out entire civilizations? Of course you don’t. That’s because vaccines eradicated the disease from existence. Now it has a slight chance of coming back because there are assholes out there who think they’re cute defying mankind’s scientific progress. Just because Jenny McCarthy is a talking piece of tits that, unfortunately, has a child with Autism doesn’t make her an expert on hundreds of years of medicine. I’m not saying the Nazi’s had something going with Eugenics but maybe the idea should be brought back for these morons. Evolution can only take some people so far.

Don’t understand how stupid of an issue this really is? This one-minute video basically sums it up even for the greatest simpleton like myself:

By smitty posted February 27th, 2015 at 9:35 AM

Barstool Philly Local Smokeshow Of The Day – Jenna

Introducing Jenna from Bloomsburg U. Great way to wrap up the week with the PSAC smokes making an appearance. Send in your smoke nominations to or on Twitter @muntbarstool.  


Introducing Jenna from Bloomsburg U. Great way to wrap up the week with the PSAC smokes making an appearance.

Send in your smoke nominations to or on Twitter @muntbarstool.


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By munt posted February 26th, 2015 at 5:30 PM

And Here Is Video Of Dez Bryant’s Mother Talking To Cops About Being Assaulted By Her Son

He "roughed her up" and threatened to "knock her out".

TMZ – Dez Bryant’s mom sat in front of a camera and told cops the NFL star roughed her up, threatened her and ripped her shirt during a 2012 incident in Texas … and TMZ Sports has the interview video. Dez was arrested for assault following the incident … but the charge was eventually dropped when Dez cut a deal with prosecutors — which required the NFL star to stay out of trouble for the following year (he did). But in the video, Bryant’s mother Angela describes a heated exchange between herself and Dez — which started when Dez “was trying to fight my brother.” Angela says she tried to stop Dez — and warned him that he was going to get in trouble with the Dallas Cowboys — but she claims he only got angrier and turned the rage on her. After allegedly grabbing her, smacking her with his baseball cap and tearing her shirt … Angela says Dez “started talking about how he’s going to knock me out.” Angela says she wanted to contact Jerry Jones to discuss the incident — so he could help Bryant moving forward. The cop at the scene said he didn’t see any blood or bruising on Angela — but pics were taken for police records.

Not exactly the video we were expecting, but this shit is still off the wall. Dez Bryant definitiely wasn’t all there in 2011/2012. Anyone who tries to beat the piss out of their own mother needs help. I sincerely hope he’s better now, but it may be too little too late when the other video we’ve been waiting for finally surfaces.

By smitty posted February 26th, 2015 at 5:10 PM

CONSPIRACY: All Of Nick Foles’ Autographed Merchandise Is On Sale On The Eagles Website

What do you do when it's February in miserable Philadelphia and there's nothing to talk about? Stir the muck.


BGN – It turns out that the Philadelphia Eagles’ online store has a total of 341 items on sale. Of those 341 items, 64 are player-specific. Of those 64, 62 feature Nick Foles. Michael Vick and Matt Barkley make up the other two. Further, there are a total of 106 Foles items on the online store. More of those items are on sale (62) than not (44). Now does this actually mean anything? I don’t know. But it wouldn’t be the first time the Eagles online store gave a hint about the team’s moves. Back in the summer of 2011 the team store accidentally featured a Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie jersey before the Eagles had officially acquired him from the Arizona Cardinals. Brian Solomon of McNabbOrKolb caught the mistake and the Eagles took it down shortly after every noticed.

STOP THE PRESSES!!! THE EAGLES ARE CUTTING THE FOOTLONG LOOSE!!! What do you do when it’s February in miserable Philadelphia and there’s nothing to talk about? Stir the muck. Listen, BGN does great, great stuff, but this is a little absurd. You want to know why Nick Foles autographed merchandise was slashed? Because nobody’s been buying Nick Foles’ autograph. Simple supply and demand. All these Mariotta teabaggers need to relax. He ain’t coming to Philly. Not because I wouldn’t want him to, it’s just not a reality. We need to start being real and get behind our boy 100% so he has enough confidence to whip out that BWC and deliver another 27 and 2 campaign.

Now watch the Eagles one up me and make a trade with Tenn tomorrow for that #2 pick.

By smitty posted February 26th, 2015 at 4:15 PM

Another Day, Another Tinder Match Laying It All Out On The Line

Her father must be so proud of her passion for the Civil War and tossing salads.

Fuck Robert E. Lee and hardcore anal fisting? We’ve got one feisty abolitionist on our hands! Not since Harriet Tubman requested Frederick Douglas for the Alabama Hot Pocket have we seen these worlds collide so hard. Her father must be so proud of her passion for the Civil War and tossing salads.

We’ve been getting a lot of these recently. Fake and absurd, yes, but enjoyable nonetheless. Carry on.
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By smitty posted February 26th, 2015 at 3:20 PM

Josh Hamilton Relapses On Booze And Coke, May Be Gone From Baseball For A Very Long Time

Dude was always one Mike’s Hard Lemonade away from having an orgy in a bar bathroom with 5 chicks, 2 dudes and a goat then waking up in Mexico.


YAHOO - Josh Hamilton won’t be playing baseball for a while, and this time it’s more serious than an injury or hitting slump. Hamilton, who battled alcohol and drug addiction before turning his life around and re-entering the sport years ago, confessed to MLB officials to going on a binge a couple months ago that involved cocaine, according to Hamilton’s father-in-law, Michael Chadwick, who has previously counseled Hamilton over his substance issues, said the 33-year-old “hit a bump in the road, keep him in your prayers,” according to Newsday.

Boy do I hate being right all the time*. It’s a damn, damn shame, too. There’s no doubt that he’s one of the most talented and gifted ball players of all-time. Hamilton has got all the tools to be a first ballot Hall of Famer. But let’s face it, the dude was always one Mike’s Hard Lemonade away from having an orgy in a bar bathroom with 5 chicks, 2 dudes and a goat then waking up in Mexico. I’m not using that to beat him down or chastise anyone struggling with addiction, but when you make an investment of over $100 million dollars into something, you better make sure it’s worth the money. The Angels took the risk and unfortunately it backfired. Here’s hoping he gets the help he needs and is well soon.

*Literally the only time I’ve been right about anything in close to a decade, and even now it’s at the expense of someone else. Fuck.

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By smitty posted February 26th, 2015 at 2:25 PM
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