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Kind Of Have To Respect The Nashville Predators’ Mascot For Still Mascot-ing While Wheelchair Bound

Gonna miss up to 6-8 weeks because he was training too damn hard to be a mascot, still refuses to leave the ice.


YahooThe Nashville Predators have a player out of the lineup. He’s not going on long-term injured reserve; then again, he doesn’t count against their salary cap anyway…The ‘him’ they refer to is the Predators Day One mascot Gnash. The furry creature – or the guy in the suit – suffered a broken leg during offseason training and has been on the shelf from doing normal mascot duties for 6-8 weeks. While the Predators could have easily put another guy in the suit and most casual fans probably wouldn’t have known the difference, the person who plays “Gnash,” who refuses to identify himself publicly, nixed the idea, and said he wanted to stick around and help game presentation as much as he could.

So the guy who plays “Gnash” has to be the biggest lunatic in the world, right? I mean here’s a guy who broke his leg while mascot training. Gonna miss up to 6-8 weeks because he was training too damn hard to be a mascot. And now here is out, broken foot and all, just flat out refusing to let the Nashville Predators find a replacement mascot for the time being. He comes out and says, “I honestly love my job and watching someone else do it is extremely difficult.” This is a man who wakes up every morning and the first thing on his mind is being a mascot. When he goes to bed at night with his head resting there on his pillow, all he can think about is doing mascot shit. He’s probably taken off that Gnash suit maybe a total of 2 times since he got it and I feel like I’m high balling him. He’s mascot-ing through all different types of adversity and you know what? It’s working. Through 9 games the Preds are 6-1-2. I mean maybe Gnash got a little too cocky as the team’s only loss in regulation so far this season came the day after that tweet you saw above was fired out. But still, the team is playing hard and I think the mascot is playing just as hard if not harder. I respect the hustle. He’s also gotta be a psychopath but I feel like that comes with the territory of being a mascot. He goes out there with clear eyes and a full heart every night and does what he can at his capacity. And people thought MJ was heroic during the flu game. Would loooove to see Michael Jordan try to play basketball with a broken foot. Advantage, Gnash.

By jordie posted October 30th, 2014 at 3:50 PM

The Asians Are Sooooo Close To Creating Bangable Robots

Program this robotic broad to make the world's greatest Turkey Club and we've got ourselves a wife.

It’s almost here. Where Simon’s fantasy soon turns into reality. I’d bet hard cash that she ain’t no virgin already with the sickos they have over there in Japan. She needs a few improvements here and there but dammit this emo-Asian ro-broad is close to the perfect woman. Young, cute and silent. Program her to make the world’s greatest Turkey Club and we’ve got ourselves a wife. Still wouldn’t trust her on the roads.

Seriously though, if these things become realistic enough what would be the point of stressing over something real? I’ll take a dozen Nina Agdal’s into the locked basement and call it a life. The end is nigh for the human race.

By smitty posted October 30th, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Spirit Halloween In Philly Might Want To Do Something About Their Product Placement

This comment section should be civilized.

DM from @MainLineDouche (a must follow Philly Twitter account, especially for anyone who grew up in the Northwest suburbs) – Went to the spirit halloween shop on walnut during my lunchbreak today. Snapped this picture.

Or maybe the mask maker should switch up their template a bit. Just a thought.

This comment section should be civilized.

By smitty posted October 30th, 2014 at 2:15 PM

The Most Googled Costume In Each State Map Doesn’t Bode Well For The Youth Of America

What kind of weird fucking kid wants to be a banana?


HP – Some states are making a topical Halloween choice this year, opting for Frozen costumes or dressing as the mythical Slenderman. Others will keep it classic, dressing as doctors or cheerleaders. This map, made by SumoCoupon, a website that offers discounts at various stores, shows which Halloween costumes are the most “trending” in each state. Their team analyzed Google search volumes to determine which costumes were the most Googled in various parts of the country. Americans love to emulate their favorite film characters… and apparently three states have a banana obsession.

I get the Frozen, football players, and Slenderman (WTF am I that old/out of the game?) costumes. All par for the Halloween course. But what kind of weird fucking kid wants to be a banana? And these are 4 separate states in Union, no less. That’s a lot of wildcards in this country that will be registered voters in a decade.

I’ll admit, sadly, I’m not a big Halloween guy anymore. I give the ol’ last minute effort and end up getting fisted with Freddy Krueger claws at Halloween Adventure. Seriously, how is a generic “one size fits many but not your tall, fat ass” costume a child sewed in Indonesia for $0.11 cents cost $60? But it’s my fault because I have no idea what else to do. I threw out on Twitter if anyone had any suggestions and it was either “You’re already a LEGO” or “Just wear your normal clothes and go as a faggot”. Solid advice all around. And making my own costume is out of the question. I’m barely able to make Mac & Cheese without giving myself 3rd degree burns. There’s no way I’m crocheting my own outfit out of $5 of materials from Target. So I understand Googling an idea for a costume and running with the results.

And what’s with Florida whipping out Deadpool? Pretty random superhero for kids to follow. The character must have a Meth Addiction or something. If people in the Sunshine State really want to scare the socks off people they should just go as themselves.

By smitty posted October 30th, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Jason Peters Proctology: Closed On Sundays

An excuse to give one of the best tackles in the game his props.

Closed on Sundays.

A photo posted by Evan Mathis (@evanmathis69) on Oct 10, 2014 at 7:48am PDT

Oh Evan Mathis. You so funny. A humorous Instagram post for sure, but I blogged it as an excuse to give one of the best tackles in the game his props.

In 2009, the Eagles traded their 28th pick, a 4th rounder and a 6th rounder (2010 draft) to the Bills for this TE turned Pro-Bowl tackle and gave him an extension. It was sneakily one of the best moves Andy Reid made during his 4000 year tenure with the Birds. Jason Peters has been an absolute FORCE on the line since coming to Philly and has started every game other than the year he tore his Achilles. The big men up front usually don’t get mentioned unless they fuck up, so let’s take a moment to appreciate #71. He’s probably the best player on the Eagles and yet he’s still underrated.



All this and the man protects his QB to the death. Respect.

By smitty posted October 30th, 2014 at 11:50 AM

Chris Christie Absolutely Annihilates A Heckler During Hurricane Sandy Speech

Chris Christie just verbally RKO'd that heckler and did a little fat man dance all over his grave.


Yeah, Steve. Sit down and shut up. As much as Barstool is a safe environment to foster intelligent and coherent political debate, I’m just gonna put the politics on the back burner on this one for now. Party affiliation aside, Chris Christie just verbally RKO’d that heckler and did a little fat man dance all over his grave. As the old saying goes, you come at the king, you best not miss. Poor Joe Schmo over here shot about 50 feet wide. Dude looks like he’s around the ballpark of 50 or so and just got torn into like he was a 6 year old who got caught trying to steal the jellybeans out of the jellybean jar. You know, the jar in class that was filled with jellybeans and then you all had to guess how many jellybeans were in the jar and the one with the closest guess got to keep all the jellybeans. He got mangled and I’m over here feeling all sorts of second-hand embarrassment, fear, and hunger for jellybeans. I know that this is Christie’s thing and he loves to put on a good show for everyone, but I genuinely enjoyed this one. Hopefully this man doesn’t have a family because I can almost assure you that he walked home with his tail between his legs to a bunch of cardboard boxes.

By jordie posted October 30th, 2014 at 10:50 AM

The SF Giants May Have Captured Their 3rd World Series In 5 Years But Did They Win #NationalCatDay? I Think Not

I hate this team.

Priorities, baby. 3 kittens in a glove > 3 rings any day of the week. Seriously…how fucking embarrassing is this move??? This piss poor organization should have taken a hiatus from social media this entire World Series out of respect for the fans. And Chooch looks like he’s 35 going on 50. Those Panamanian birth certificates may be like the Dominican ones where you can shave a couple years off on the raft ride over.

Never fear, Phillies fans. The GM and entire coaching staff of your last place baseball team will be back for at least one more year to dance. Because if you were given a brand new Lexus and turned it into a Pinto before driving it into a ditch and lighting it on fire, you’re still allowed to have the keys.

I hate this team.

PS – Pat Burrell now has 4 WS Rings (2 as a player [a valiant 1-27 in WS AB's], 2 as a scout for SF). Dos rings for each type of Herpes. Balcuzzis on Pat The Bat in the Bay Area until Spring Training.


By smitty posted October 30th, 2014 at 10:20 AM

I Have Zero Idea What’s Going On In This Japanese Bouncing/Exploding Boobie Game And I Kind Of Do Care

What. The. Fuck. Japan.

What. The. Fuck. Japan. Take it down a notch. I was all fine and dandy with these un-pixilated boobies playing red light, green light while speaking like Sims characters. There’s really no need to have the severed head from hell make tits explode yellow highlighter juice. You can give me a Japanese translator and a decade and I still wouldn’t be able to figure out what is going on here, and I kind of need to know. I don’t need this face showing up in my dreams and having my balls explode with marbles.

Still though, tatties.

By smitty posted October 30th, 2014 at 9:38 AM
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