Draftkings Is Coming In HOT With The World’s Largest Fantasy Football 50/50 Tournament

50% of people are idiots on this planet are idiots, so it's basically free money.



Tired of bubbling for the money every week? I know I freaking am. Roll with an immaculate lineup from the heavens and get screwed out of the cash because one of my players craps himself every single week. (THANK YOU VERY MUCH JUSTIN HUNTER YOU BUM). Time to switch it up with a good ol’ fashioned 50/50 tourney. Instead of having to get in the top 10% or so to make money you just have to come in the top 50%. Simple as that. And if you think about it, 50% of people are idiots on this planet are idiots, so it’s basically free money.

Contest Details:
-World’s Largest Fantasy Football 50/50
-$100K in Guaranteed Prizes
-11,112 total entries, top half all double their money
-Are you better than 50% of Fantasy Football Players? The way 50/50′s work, the entire top half of fantasy scores in the contest all double their money. It doesn’t matter what place you come in, as long as your in the top half of Fantasy Scores you get paid out.
-50/50s are the best way to build up a bankroll to play for bigger prizes. You don’t have to have the best fantasy score in the contest to win, you just have to place in the top half of scores. It’s that simple.


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Barstool Philly Podcast – The Time Smitty Was A Poor Man’s Billy Mays And Sold Mr. Sticky’s For A Living

The misery of the modern day Greek Tragedy continues.


Brought to you by Draftkings – Become a Millionaire HERE.

The misery of the modern day Greek Tragedy continues. After the infamous poker podcast we went down the rabbit hole further with Nate. A lot of people have been asking about about I briefly mentioned I sold Mr. Sticky’s for a living like goddamn Billy Mays without the money or fun coke habit. I was hesitant in going more into it because it’s honestly a part of my life I have blocked from memory. It was that depressing and tragic. However, dance monkey, dance. We relive that part of life along with a bunch of other jobs we’ve had (been fired from). Enjoy.

For reference it was basically doing this but live, more embarrassing, even more sweaty but with less meth teeth. I hope.

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Smartest People Ever Created Fake Amazon Pages To Get Playstation 4s From Walmart For $90

A true David vs. Goliath story.


NBCCustomers have misused Wal-Mart’s price match promotion to obtain $400 PlayStation 4 consoles for less than a quarter of the retail price using third-party sellers on Amazon. The company announced on Nov. 13 that it would price-match select online retailers, including Amazon.com. However, any Amazon member with a registered selling account can create authentic looking pages and list items “for sale” online. Consumers need only take a screen capture of the page and show it to a cashier at checkout in order to request the price match. Wal-Mart’s online price match policy states, “We’re committed to providing low prices every day, on everything. So if you find a current lower online price from an online retailer on an identical, in-stock product, tell us and we’ll match it.” Few employees appear to have verified the legitimacy of these online deals as many customers were able to purchase gaming systems for $90.

Well if that’s not the greatest Brack Friday Bunduru I’ve ever heard of then I don’t know what is. These are the types of stories that just make me realize that I just have a basic brain and it sucks. It’s brilliant and it upsets me that I’d never in a million years come up with a scheme like that. And yeah, there’s some level of scumbaggery in all these nerds who were able to cheat the system but out of anyone, Walmart deserves this the most. You can’t be big dicking out there saying you’ll match any price and then not expect to get taken behind the shed real quick. This has a Robin Hood type of feel to it. A true David vs. Goliath story. It’s the kind of thing we love to hear tales about but never really comes to be in real life. But finally the little man has won and the giant has been toppled. It brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart.

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GM Ron Hextall Rightfully Went Apeshit On The Flyers After Losing To The Rangers

Get 'em, Hexy.

PHILLY – Inside the changing room, a sanctuary for players that is usually kept at an arms-length from team management, Flyers general manager Ron Hextall was peeling the paint off the walls with words that would make a stevedore blush. “Are you [bleeping] kidding me?” Hextall screamed, loud enough for the media waiting next door in the locker room to hear. “That’s [bleeping] embarrassing! Jesus [bleeping] Christ!” The door slammed, one final time, but not until it sounded as if a wastebasket bounced off the wall deep inside the bowels of Madison Square Garden – where the Flyers have now lost nine consecutive regular-season games.

What a damn shame. Just when the Flyers looked like Dr. Momentum was on their side by winning 3 straight they were hit with 6 days off in a row (sweet one, NHL). And of course that probable binge alcohol and punani break has made this team lose their first 3 games since. Other than Mason doing all that he could between the pipes, this team looked lifeless last night. No pulse whatsoever. I think we expect more of an effort against a rival team that knocked us out in the Playoffs in 7 games last year.

So go get ‘em, Hexy. If the GM has to come down and scare these kids straight then go right ahead. These guys better watch out or else the 2nd greatest goalie in Flyers history will go back to his prime of saves and slashes. That’s what Hextall does best.

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The Philadelphia Big 5 Season Preview: The Middle Of The Pack – La Salle & St. Joe’s

Cinderella stories.

As the fall slowly turns into winter, college and high school basketball become main topic points in the Philadelphia Area. Our Big 5 (6) Season Preview will highlight the 5 (6) Philadelphia area college teams as they begin their seasons as well as check-in with local talent across the country playing for major college teams and professional teams.



NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Kansas State vs La Salle

Two years removed from their Elite 8 run in 2013, Lasalle finds itself with only three key players from that incredible group. Seniors Steve Zack and philly boy Jerrell Wright hold down the frontcourt for the Explorers. Zack is a touch big who can finish politely around the rim while Wright handles all the heavy bruising in the paint. If you don’t remember, Zack was hurt for most of the tournament run which forced head coach Dr. Giannini to go small and play four guards around Wright. The strategy worked to perfection and Jerrell Wright out-played a couple big slobs from K-State and Ole Miss by attacking the Offensive glass. In the backcourt will be Giannini will rely on Senior SG DJ Peterson to mentor freshmen PG Amar Stukes, a local product from Lasalle High School. Amar can play with the best of them, I would know because I had to guard him for two years. His crossover is devastating and he can finish at the rim over the bigs. Depending on injuries, schedule, confidence, this team has a sneaky chance of surprising some people during the season and maybe upsetting a well-respected Big 5 team. For now I see them finishing in 3rd place in the Big 5 (6) in front of…

St. Joseph’s


Phil Martelli slowly but surely found himself under some light criticism over his tenure as St. Joes Men’s basketball head coach. While nobody doubted his ability to recruit, talking heads were questioning his coaching abilities claiming he hadn’t been successful in the NCAA tournament since Delonte and Jameer’s run into Cinderella super-stardome and we shouldn’t be so quick to crown him. Well, last year’s team silenced those critics by shocking a lot of people by beating VCU in Atlantic City for the A-10 Tournament championship and giving the eventual National Champion, Uconn a run for their money. This year, Martelli will be relying heavily on sophomore swingman DeAndre’ Bembry. Standing at 6 foot 6 with a legendary sized afro, Bembry has been dominating practices defensively and offensively while also handling some back-up PG duties even though he will be starting at the SF. After losing key players like Langston Galloway, Ronald Roberts, and Halil Kanacevic to NBA tryouts and eventual European contracts, Martelli has some big gaps to fill. Bembry can’t play all 5 positions and he is going to have a lot of trouble finding guys to play big roles. This team could end up below .500 especially if Bembry isn’t, in fact, super human. For now, I put them at a fourth place finish in the Big 5 (6).

Tomorrow we’ll break down the Lord Stanley’s of Philly basketball.

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Barstool Philly Local Smokeshow Of The Day – Erin

  Introducing Erin from Lehigh. Mountain Hawks making the return to the Smoke ranks with gusto. Love it. NEED SMOKES!!! Send all nominations to Phillytips@barstoolsports.com

Introducing Erin from Lehigh. Mountain Hawks making the return to the Smoke ranks with gusto. Love it.

NEED SMOKES!!! Send all nominations to Phillytips@barstoolsports.com

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That Girl Football Star Just Dropped A Pee-Wee Highlight Tape And It’s Pretty Damn Impressive

You know what, good for her. While it lasts, of course.

Sam Gordon is the smallest player in her league . . . and she’s a girl – the only girl in her age division. But that doesn’t stop Sam from fearlessly speeding down the field, dodging boys left and right all the way to the end zone!

Good for her. Those moves and breakaway speed are nothing to sneeze at. If she had something swinging between her legs Nick Saban would been making phone calls already. Sam better enjoy the hype now because once the boys start to catch up it’ll most likely be time to pick up that field hockey stick. And if it isn’t and she’s still dominating then god help us all. I can’t imagine what kind of athletic beast of a Holly Mangold Hulk she’d grow into at this current pace. You see what she’s into at the end, too? Paintballing, wrestling, rockets. She’s got more man in her as a kid than I do now.

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If You Want 6 Tix To The Sixers Game Tonight For Free (1$) And Are Not Black It’s Your Lucky Day

Please don't alienate entire races from going to the game. The Sixers need all the numbers they can get.

(click to enlarge)

Craigslist -

free sixers tonight 6 tickets – $1 (stadium)

call asap good seats but don’t ask where they are free no blacks please

$1 tickets. For free. Great seats. Don’t ask where they are. No blacks. It’s very difficult to be that much of a confusing dick in just 2 sentences. Please don’t alienate entire races from going to the game. The Sixers need all the numbers they can get. Plus this isn’t a Springsteen concert where there are more black people performing than in the stands. The crowd should be from all walks of life.

Oh, and this fine, upstanding gentleman left his phone number on Craigslist to contact him for the tickets. I already tried. Twice (had the camera and gangsta voice ready to roll, too. Dammit.). But feel free to give it a shot.

h/t Joe

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