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  Introducing Ashley from Philly. Nice jump start to the week with a smoke right off the bat. Happy Monday everyone. Send in your smoke nominations to or on twitter @muntbarstool  



Introducing Ashley from Philly. Nice jump start to the week with a smoke right off the bat. Happy Monday everyone.

Send in your smoke nominations to or on twitter @muntbarstool


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By munt posted January 26th, 2015 at 5:30 PM

Old Man Winter Is About To Get Physical So Here’s Some SI Chicks In Body Paint On The Beach

Philly may legitimately be the 7th level of hell right now, and it's about to freeze over.


Philly may legitimately be the 7th level of hell right now, and it’s about to freeze over. This should help. Well, not really. If anything it hammers the fact that places like this actually exist and here I am blogging in my boxers on the last can of tuna about to not be able to leave the house for the next 6 days. Not that I was going anywhere, anyway. But still. It’s the thought that counts.

By smitty posted January 26th, 2015 at 5:10 PM

Is This Nick Foles To The Rams Talk Serious?

Why? Last time I checked St. Louis had a firecracker by the name of Shaun Hill running the show.

nf – The Eagles apparent indecision on what to do with quarterback Nick Foles has intrigued teams around the league, and possible suitors are beginning to emerge. According to a person familiar with the situation, but who requested anonymity, the St. Louis Rams have interest in Foles should the Eagles decide to trade him this offseason. Foles’ possible availability was a topic of conversation among coaches and scouts last week at the Senior Bowl, with the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans also mentioned as teams that would have interest if Foles hit the market.

AGHHHHHHHHH. I don’t think I can take an entire off season of this happy crap.

Why? Last time I checked St. Louis had a firecracker by the name of Shaun Hill running the show. But seriously, the Rams are that checked out on Sam Bradford? I mean he’s not anything special, especially since he was drafted #1, given a rookie contract no less than a trillion dollars and could get critically injured by a bubble. But Foles isn’t exactly a sure bet, either. In my opinion, all of this is pure speculation. However, if the Eagles are seriously shopping around Foles, Chip Kelly better have one hell of a plan hidden in his titanium sack.

Obviously if Footlong Foles is dished off then that means the Eagles are all-in on grabbing Marriota (or Sanchez?). The Rams currently hold the #10 pick. I envision the trade would involve Foles with the 2015 1st round, 2016 1nd round package-type scenario for them to move up. But why wouldn’t they wait to see if Mariotta is projected to fall that far? I definitely don’t want to see a situation where we need to give up a kidney to move up to #10 then all of the other organs to go to #5. Also, I don’t trust a rookie to come in and lead to a Super Bowl. Not that I’m all-in on Foles, either, but Russel Wilson’s and Tom Brady’s who win it all in their second year don’t grow on trees. So there’s really no point in making any sort of move right now. Basically, all this smoke is blowing so far up my ass I’m about to burp up a Hindenberg.

Let’s settle down, people.

By smitty posted January 26th, 2015 at 4:15 PM

Join Us At The Fieldhouse To Watch The Eagles Win Yet Another Super Bowl!

Or let's just drink and eat our faces off while pretending they're playing.



Wait, they didn’t even make the playoffs? Well, shit. Let’s just drink our faces off and pretend they’re playing, like every freaking year. The Fieldhouse is opening up their hearts to our misery to watch the Patriots or Seahawks win another Super Bowl. $35 unlimited brews and wings. Not gonna find a better deal than that around town. Plus there will be a stellar crowd at one of Philly’s best sports bars on 12th and Filbert. No reason to come, say hi and get plastered with your fellow depressed Philadelphians.

Contact Maura at and mention Barstool to lock up your spots. Be an American. Do it.

By smitty posted January 26th, 2015 at 3:45 PM

The Kings Place Mike Richards On Waivers And The Flyers Are Too Broke To Make Everything Right Again

Has anyone created a GoFundMe account to get Richards back to Philly or are we being too stupid?

Mike Richards is set to be making $5.7 million per year through 2019. The Kings are currently out of the playoff picture and Richards is currently a -7 with 5 goals and 10 assists. Times have been better for Richie to say the least. And to be honest, it’s a little sad to see a 2-time Stanley Cup champion, Olympic Gold Medalist most likely end up in the AHL where he’s already won a Calder Cup before. Kind of feels like I’m writing a eulogy here.

At this point, the Flyers can hardly afford to get guac on their burritos at Chipotle and you can blame Holmgren for that. So while I would love nothing more in life than to get Richie back in Orange and Black, that’s just not gonna happen. There are people who are always going to talk about what if the Flyers kept Richards and yada yada yada. But I’m glad he got to move on and get a couple rings. The only reason I’d want him back in Philly would be for the havoc he would wreak out on the town and in Sea Isle. Nobody’s girlfriend would be safe, and that’s a fact, Jack. But the least we can do is take this time to enjoy all the great mems Michael Richards gave to the city of Philadelphia.


By jordie posted January 26th, 2015 at 3:05 PM

We Did It! Philadelphians Lead The Nation In Wearing Sweatpants

We're miserable, we might as well be comfortable.

PhillyNow - Philadelphia’s a city on the move. In fact, it’s moving so fast, that its residents are taking comfort in an old standby: sweatpants. According to a study released by Experian, Philadelphia remains the American champion for per capita sweatpants “consumption.”nn“We ask our survey respondents if they bought any sweats in the last 12 months,” says the marketing firm, “as well as the number of individual items they purchased.” Interestingly enough, Philadelphia comes ahead of much larger cities, including New York City and Los Angeles. “While the runways boast couture and fashions that you rarely see walking down the street,” explains Experian, these cities “keep comfortable in their sweats.”

Leading the league, baby! We were already living in the most Toxic City In The Country (seriously), now Philadelphians have joined together and announced that we simply don’t care anymore. And why would we? It’s freezing, nobody likes each other and we’re not going to see a playoff game in ANY sport until at least 2016. We’re miserable, we might as well be comfortable. Also, Philly has been named the 9th kinkiest city in the US. Take that as a silver lining while pitching a tent in your sweats.

Seriously, did they just travel to Northeast Philly to gather this intel? You don’t exactly see this kind of wardrobe behavior in Center City. Mayfair, however, is the land of letting go.

By smitty posted January 26th, 2015 at 2:15 PM

The Cast Of Full House Reunited To Butcher The Show’s Theme Song

How coked up is Bob Saget? The dude's probably gonna snort the blizzard before it gets here.


I don’t care if these drunk stars of TGIF are as in tune as gaggle of geese queefs. It doesn’t matter. I’ll never turn down a Full House reunion video, let alone one that has them singing the iconic theme song. There’s so much fire I’m surprised the entire stage didn’t spontaneously combust. But I don’t see Mary Kate or Ashley. They must be standing sideways – HEYOOOOOOOOO. Seriously though, I hope they’re not dead.

How coked up is Bob Saget on a regular basis? The dude’s probably gonna snort the blizzard before it gets here. That’s if the Olsen Twins don’t get to it first. God bless Abington and Temple’s finest for turning his wholesome, widowed Dad image into a valley of pure debauchery.

By smitty posted January 26th, 2015 at 1:15 PM

Eagles Are Closing In On Chris Polian To Be Their New “GM”

Yeah..."GM". All aboard Chip's ship!


PFT – The Eagles have opened the offseason by making a change to the structure of their organization with Howie Roseman’s title changing from General Manager to executive vice president of football operations and coach Chip Kelly taking on a bigger role in player personnel matters. The team has been looking for another personnel executive to take on some of the General Manager duties while working under Kelly and that search reportedly took a step forward recently. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Jaguars director of pro personnel Chris Polian interviewed with the Eagles for a second time. Polian appears to be the first candidate to get a second opportunity to talk to the Eagles, who have seen other candidates blocked by their current teams or other ambitions as they try to find the right person to slot into their reworked front office. Polian has spent the last two years working with the Jaguars and was the Colts’ General Manager from 2009-2011, although the presence of his father Bill at the top of the organization made that job look similar to the one he’d fill with the Eagles if he winds up in Philly.
Yeah…”GM”. All aboard Chip’s ship! Whoever they bring in as the new General Manager isn’t going to have final say, but it is still an important hire. You want Chip to be surrounded by the smartest people in the room to help decide the best moves for the team. On the surface, Chris Polian appears to be a great fit. Young(ish) buck who is the son of a living NFL personnal legend in Bill Polian. You’d think he’d call up Daddy whenever he had a decision to make and get his two cents, right? Um, wrong. Here’s a look at Chris Polians credentials coming into this year:

Yuck. I try to be as objective as possible, but there’s not a lot to smile about on that resume. If Polian wants to try either console with his father about thought he has or try out the Costanza method and go against every instict he has, fine. But if not he better stay in the shadows and massage Chip Kelly’s ego/balls. Chip’s Ship is on a steady course for success and we can’t have anyone sink it to the bottom.


By smitty posted January 26th, 2015 at 12:15 PM
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