Listening To This Baby Husky Struggle To Talk Is Good For The Soul

Get this thing's voice on a record and send it around the world to cure everything.

Now that’s what we call adorable. Both Daria and the dog. Get this pup’s voice on a record and send it around the world to cure everything. All the problems just melt away when you hear something this cute. Well, besides stuff like hunger, ebola and AIDS. But depression? Done. This little guy is better than any Prozac on the market.

Need this thing and the baby goat that leaves it all on the field together in the same room if you want to dye by cuteness. Still the second best way to go behind Snu-Snu.

By smitty posted February 26th, 2015 at 10:25 AM

Rumor Over? Dez Bryant Now Allegedly Dragged A Woman From One Car To Another In A Wal-Mart Parking Lot

The eye in the sky doesn't lie.

NFL – The Cowboys have balked at handing Dez Bryant a long-term contract extension with significant financial guarantees, in part because of their lack of off-the-field trust in the Pro Bowl receiver. With no new negotiations scheduled between Dallas and Bryant’s agents, Tom Condon and Kim Miale of Roc Nation, the franchise tag is almost a certainty. In November during an appearance on NFL GameDay Morning, I reported on six separate incidents since 2011 of police being called to Bryant’s home in DeSoto, Texas. None of the incidents I described, based on reporting using police records, resulted in any arrests, but they are emblematic of why the Cowboys are concerned about Bryant’s behavior and some of the people he has associated with. I have learned via another open-records request that in mid-2011 there was an additional incident involving Bryant. A report filed by the Lancaster (Texas) Police Department described the response by an officer to “an unknown disturbance” in a Walmart parking lot during the early morning of July 11. Vehicles registered to Bryant were at the scene in the parking lot, and Bryant later arrived in another car, when he was spoken to by a Lancaster PD officer. Upon further investigation, “it was determined that there was no offense” and “all parties were advised they were free to go.” Cowboys officials have been aware of this incident for some time.

Well this is a surprise with the NFL jumping the gun on this report first. The biggest question now is how violently did Dez Brant “Drag” this poor woman, if in fact it was him. The eye in the sky doesn’t lie. The video will show us everything that went down. If people are saying it looks 5x worse than in the Ray Rice incident then she must have been ragdolled and dragged the poor girl cavewoman style by her hair, but that’s just speculation. Keep in mind Dez wasn’t arrested for this incident. I’d like to think if it was THAT bad, the woman would have pressed charges or at least the video would have warranted prosecution. So pretty much we should hold off total judgement until we see this damn thing, which should be sooner than later at this point.

By smitty posted February 26th, 2015 at 9:30 AM

Dez Bryant Tweets Then Promptly Deletes Words Of Betrayal

Mr. Shit, get ready to hit Dr. Fan.


Mr. Shit, get ready to hit Dr. Fan. +1 for almost using perfect grammar, too.

Adam Schfeter confirmed the existence of the video everyone’s been going bananas over, apparently from 2011. I’m sure this will all come to a conclusion soon, for better or worse. For the sake of throwing feces against the wall (meaning I am NOT saying any of these hypothesis of scum are true), I’ve heard everything from:

Dez clocked his pregnant girlfriend at a Wal-Mart.

Dez jumps someone in a Wal-Mart parking lot and sticks a gun in his mouth.

Sex tape city.

There have also been rumors floating around of there are TWO separate videos of different shitty incidents. Or there very well could be no video and the darkest mark on Dez Bryant’s resume will be the time he beat the piss out of his own mother. Nobody can be sure yet, but it certainly doesn’t look good for Dezzy.

By smitty posted February 25th, 2015 at 6:05 PM

Barstool Philly Local Smokeshow Of The Day – Alaina

  Introducing Alaina from PSU. Big things up at State this weekend. 13 million for pediatric cancer. Not much more you can say there, but fuck Keith Olbermann. Lady Lions throwing haymakers. Sending in your smoke nomination to or on twitter @muntbarstool  



Introducing Alaina from PSU. Big things up at State this weekend. 13 million for pediatric cancer. Not much more you can say there, but fuck Keith Olbermann. Lady Lions throwing haymakers.

Sending in your smoke nomination to or on twitter @muntbarstool


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By munt posted February 25th, 2015 at 5:35 PM

Eric Lindros Sues Ex-Ref Paul Stewart And Huffington Post For $3 Million

I never went to Law School but even I know that Eric Lindros deserves his $3 million.


[UPDATE: Sometimes blog life comes at you fast and shit happens while you're in the middle of a writing blackout. Lindros is now only suing for $250,000 and thanks to the commenters who pointed this out to me. You can read the updated article on TSN here if you want. Either way, everything I say in the blog aside from the $3 million part still holds true.]

TSNEric Lindros has launched a $3 million defamation lawsuit against one-time NHL referee Paul Stewart and the Huffington Post, after Stewart wrote a column for the online news website that allegedly made the former Philadelphia Flyers star forward look like a “dickhead.” In documents filed in an Ontario court, Lindros says his reputation has been sullied after Stewart wrote about his poor on-ice relationship with Lindros, which was capped by an incident when Lindros allegedly tore up posters he was asked by Stewart to autograph for a charity…

…Lindros has asked a court to award him $2 million in general damages and another $1 million in aggravated damages. He has also asked the court for an injunction that would prevent Stewart, the Huffington Post, and its U.S. owner AOL, from continuing to publish Stewart’s allegedly defamatory statements…”It was both intended and foreseeable to Stewart and the AOL defendants that the article would receive widespread public attention and readership,” Lindros’s lawyers wrote in his statement of claim. “Lindros is a well-known public figure, particularly in Canada and the United States and other countries where ice hockey is popular. … (Lindros) has suffered aggravated damages as a consequence of the republications.

So if you remember from this past summer, former NHL official and frequent Huffington Post contribuer Paul Stewart wrote a piece called “Hecklers, Hooligans and the Striped-Shirted Maitre D”. In this post, he brought up a few anecdotes about his relationship with Eric Lindros and how it was extremely rocky to say the least. Most of it revolves around Lindros ripping up a bunch of posters Stewart gave to him to sign for charity. You can read excerpts of that column here from when Smitty blogged the original story. But today, Big E decided to lawyer up and fight against some of the defamatory claims made by Stewart which made him out to look like a “dickhead”.

Let me make one thing clear about where I stand on Eric Lindros. I get that he was a bit of a dick. I mean at 18-years-old he told the Quebec Nordiques to go fuck themselves because he wasn’t going to play for some weak ass French organization. He had a little self-entitled nature about him that was obviously going to rub some people the wrong way. But that’s just the way a bunch of these young guys are who have so much talent and hype surrounding them at 18, so you can’t fault Eric for that. And while all of that may be true, let me tell you who is a million trillion times worse than Eric Lindros ever was in his entire career. Paul Stewart.

This is what drives me insane about this whole situation. Nobody is talking about how awful that dick cheese, and Huffington Post for that matter, is. If anyone has self-entitlement issues here, it’s Paul Stewart. Oh cry me a fucking river that some NHLer told you to “shut the fuck up and drop the fucking puck” when you asked him about his dad. You’re the ref. Just shut your stupid face and do your job. This isn’t some social cocktail hour. And obviously everyone knows Big E had issues with his parents so that’s super fucked up of Paul Stewart to bring that up during a game. And sure, the ripping up posters for charity was a dick move on Lindros’ part, but I’m just gonna go ahead and believe he had no idea they were for charity. So there’s all the proof you need that Eric Lindros was’t a total dickhead like the article made him out to be. He probably thought those posters were for Stewarts’ personal Spank Bank collection, and quite frankly so do I.

Now I don’t know much about how the legal system works. I should actually probably learn a thing or two about slander and libel laws. But either way, my gut instinct is telling me that Eric Lindros deserves his $3 million. Paul Stewart deserves to get thrown in jail. Put Lindros in the Hall Of Fame and maybe the court can order him to adopt me. That’s what my gut instinct is telling me right now and I think we just proved that Law School is a waste of money.

By jordie posted February 25th, 2015 at 4:40 PM

Genius Story Of A Young Conan O’Brien At Harvard Tricking Bill Cosby Into Accepting A Fake Award

Absolutely brilliant. And he didn't even have to slip anything in his drink.

Click Here To Listen

And he didn’t even have to slip anything in his drink. Like him or not, Conan O’Brien is a certified genius. Always has been, always will be just kind of since he’s got his billions. I’d say his prime was when he was writing the best Simpsons episodes in the show’s history – Monorail, Homer Goes To College, New Kid On The Block (where Homer goes to the all you can eat seafood). All brilliant. This goofy looking lesbian will always be A-OK in my book. Also, “Serial rape aside, this guy was funny.” Hilarious.

How big is Bill Cosby’s ego to get decked out in a tuxedo and a private plane to accept an award he didn’t even know existed? Probably thought there would be some fine Spanish Fly on the loose at Harvard.

By smitty posted February 25th, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Observe This Dude On A Bike Get Absolutely Sauced By A Runaway Bull

Think you've had a bad day?

Think you’ve had a bad day? The coffee get a little too cold too fast or somebody clogged your favorite shitter at work? Hopefully this guy’s misery will put things in perspective. This poor man is riding on his last tank of heart on the way to his $1 a day job in some third world country and BAM! He’s gotta keep his head on a swivel for angry bulls on rural streets. No thanks. And people wonder why I don’t go outside for days at a time.

Solid tackle by the bull. A life time suspension from the NFL, but still, good form.

By smitty posted February 25th, 2015 at 3:20 PM

Making Nutritious, Calorie Counting Chipolte Burritos Is A Huge Violation For Any American

Veteran Move: Order a steak burrito then once they're done scooping the meat, say oh wait you want half chicken, too. Double the pleasure, double the fun.



WOMAN’S HEALTH – It’s not exactly news that a burrito loaded with cheese and sour cream is also filled with calories. But The New York Times revealed some sobering information about your Chipotle habit yesterday, looking at more than 3,000 menu combinations people have ordered at the restaurant and finding that they averaged 1,070 calories—more than half your daily recommended intake. Before you swear off the chain forever, though, know this: It is possible to order something nutritious and calorie-conscious there. In fact, some registered dietitians do it on a semi-regular basis. When they do find themselves at the restaurant, here are their go-to’s (above).

Chipolte was one of few places left where we can let loose under the impression of being somewhat healthy. Little did we know it was like the Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt place in Seinfeld and has been giving everyone an extra gunt, but that’s neither here nor there. I still consider it a violation if you walk into a Chipolte and count calories. It’s simply un-American. I’ll be damned if I’m going to get anything other than the Smitty special – double of steak/chicken, pinto, hottest sauce possible and LOADED with sour cream, guac, corn and cheese. If your heart doesn’t stop at least once while devouring that life-sized infant then you’re doing life wrong. Unbuckle the belt and become a remorseless eating machine. If you remotely think about ordering a tofu burrito I don’t even want to look at you.

Veteran Move: Order a steak burrito then once they’re done scooping the meat, say oh wait you want half chicken, too. There’s no way those minimum wage slaves are removing some of the steak back and you get an extra scoop of chicken for your efforts. Then say double it if you also choose not to live past 40.

Bonus True Story: Back in 2010 when I was living in NYC, the live-in woman went away for the week and I had Chipolte for lunch and dinner the entire week. It was glorious, but no joke, I gained 8 pounds in 5 days. Looking back on it, I’m lucky to be alive.

By smitty posted February 25th, 2015 at 2:15 PM
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