14-years-old and his balls have already dropped so far down that even Ryan Seacrest may be able to reach up and massage them. The greatest impression of all-time in my opinion is Frank Caliendo’s John Madden. Not gonna lie my Johnny Cash voice takes 2nd as it straight up makes titties wet. This may take 3rd. He’s set for life now, too. Shit, the homeless drug addict with the Golden Voice who pissed straight Colt-45 and smelled like a mix of crack and chlamydia was good as gold after his video went viral. This little shit will be king of his craft overnight. Kid sounds like he’s the lovechild of Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones while they’re were both being fisted by Optimus Prime.

What do you think?

Vote 1 for somebody castrate this fucker and 10 for I need him announcing the previews and I needed it yesterday:

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