Creepiest old woman laugh ever? Sounded like a mix of a posthumous version of The Joker and the crazy cat lady after she ordered her felines to castrate someone on the street for the fuck of it. Bone chilling. But I love how the newscast makes it sound like Zita was Walker, Florida Ranger and kicked the shit out of the dude and got her stuff back when in reality she got Asante Samuel’d and hurt even more. Come on, Zita. You gotta pick your battles when you can. Zita armed with her walker vs. the athletic thug in his mid-20′s in a fight? Not a good match up. Zita armed with Depends vs. making it to the bathroom in the middle of the night in a war with the squirts? Still not in her favor. Zita armed with an expired coupon vs. the cashier at CVS in a battle to get 3 cents reduced off fruit? I like those odds.

1:34 – The greatest vagina neck in the history of vagina necks. Moose knuckles to the max.