CONN – An 87-year-old Connecticut man who drove the wrong way on the Massachusetts Turnpike for almost 11 miles before police stopped him was not cited but may lose his license. Thaddeus Satkowski, 87, of Staffordville, Conn., got on at Exit 10 of the Mass. Pike in Auburn late on Sunday night and drove east in the westbound lanes, in the shoulder next to the high-speed lane. Police say Satkowski was not cited, but state police have contacted the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles to have his license revoked.

Old people FTW again. Probably still took him 2 hours to get that far on the way to the local Farmer’s Market. Dude just pulls the Uncle Leo excuse gets away free from a potential 8 car pile up and massive vehicular homicide charges just because he says he’s old and confused. Bullshit. I guarantee this dude’s wife was in the passenger seat saying that he was going the wrong way the entire time but he wouldn’t turn around just out of spite. GUARANTEED. Old men are the most stubborn people on the face of the Earth, but even more so if it’s a husband who has seen the same vagina for over 50+ years, excluding wartime of course. Ever hear your Grandparents argue? Grandpa always wins no matter if he’s right or not. You can’t convince someone they’re wrong when their daily vocabulary still consists of the terms “dungarees” and “chinamen”. The only satisfaction Thaddeus Satkowski ever gave a woman was the privilege of the back of his hand. Either that’s what happened or if he’s anything like my Grandfather he was probably too busy yelling at all the people flashing their lights and honking their horns at him to even notice.