Excuse me for anybody who didn’t waste 4+ years of their life in the hick hole that is Selinsgrove, PA, but I couldn’t not post something about this after I saw Kmarko’s post this morning.

First off, classic Susquehanna. Day late and a dollar short with everything. Make the video last week this time and there might not be a problem, but the fact that it’s late and the same shit makes it easier to hate. Plus have some respect for yourselves dammit and make it more creative. Standing 69ing? Pittello is rolling in his grave. But that’s neither here nor there. The notion that kids actually got kicked off the team for this is a fucking disgrace. Have Man Samuelson’s balls finally gotten that big to the point where they can’t be contained?

I’m not gonna blow myself like WhiteSoxDave and say that being a D3 athlete is amazing and automatically makes you better than everyone else. It sucks and it doesn’t. If you think you’re the man or are going to the pros from Divison III then you’re the epitome of an asshole. But you know what? Playing football in college at any level requires your commitment all year round and you have to work your ass off. You live for it for solely the love of the game and for your teammates. The fact that these kids lose the right to play ball because of this is utterly bullshit. I can guarantee if Johnny Football made a Harlem Shake video in the Texas A&M locker room with him going from cheerleader to cheerleader pumping one out and while doing coke off their asses with when the beat drops, absolutely nothing would happen. Kicking these guys off the squad does nothing for everyone involved. The school, the team and the kids suffer. Most of these guys will be kicked out of school within the year if they don’t have football. When you go to a school as small as Susquehanna in a town as hick as Selinsgrove and you have nothing to do you will find a way to get yourself arrested. Only way to have fun is to make fun. Bots will be out of booze within a month.

I’m not going to get into it cause I like the guy and don’t want to get him fired (as if going 12-28 during my 4 years there didn’t already do the trick), but Stevie Briggs should’ve put his dick down on this one and went to bat for these guys. We’ve seen him get people out of WAY worse situations than this. No excuse for him not to step in, especially since he’s not only the head coach but the assistant AD. There has to be more to this story. But if there isn’t, it’s truly a shame that these kids got made the scapegoats of fucking Susquehanna’s PC police. Jay Lemons needs to stop being Mr. Magoo and fix this.

PS – When the fuck did that weightroom get so nice? Lopardo shell out another cool million for no good reason?

PPS – Bro doing shirtless squats with just the bar before the beat drops is guaranteed the douchebag lord of TRAX.

PPPS – I blame Jimmy Owen.